Buzzing Along

 Our world is filled with blossoms and the bees are exceptionally happy... and busy... and buzzy!

It's been the perfect spring for all of the bramble berries that live on the edge of the woods.  The raspberry, blackberry and wineberry plants are loaded with blossoms - and in just a month or so, will be loaded with delicious fruit.  We will spend days picking and freezing.  Some will be used in jam, some in pies and other baked goodies.  All in all, our favorite fruits of the year!

And while we are happy to see the bees hard at work, we are not so happy to see these buzzy beasts building nests!  And while these large bee-like creatures are beneficial in the fact that they eat lots of the insects that can be garden pests, their stings can be quite painful.  And unlike a honeybee who will only sting once and then die a gruesome death - a hornet can sting multiple times.  Avoid angering a hornet - they always win!

What do you see?  What don't you see?

A couple of weeks ago I showed you this area... with blossoms on bare vines.  Now the wisteria "tree" (just a collection of vines trained into a tree shape) is full of leaves.  Soon, the short-lived blossoms will be just a memory, but the tree will remain as a lovely shady spot for the rest of summer.  What you don't see in this photo is the mountain of mulch that was there before.  Hubbs moved it to all of the various gardens and flower beds around the farmhouse.  Now everything looks perfect!  Another huge job is ticked off the spring chore list!

I mentioned before that fly season is upon us and the herd is sporting their summer attire. 

  Who said guys don't wear pink?  (Well, maybe back in the 50's that might have been true!). Around here - pink is the color of summer and relief from pesky flies around one's eyes.  As for the rest of the body?  Each of the horses comes equipped with his/her own fly swatter!

We should all be so lucky!

Today's color is brought to you by...


 The single peonies have bloomed; the double peonies are just beginning to open.  When the double peonies open, I will cut some and bring them indoors.  For now, the roadside Lady's Mantle is providing the cheer.

Lavender!  (oh, how I love lavender!)

Clematis (this vine has grown beside the barn since before we moved here!),

and lovely lupine (which reminds me of Iceland, where it grows all over, as a wildflower - stunningly magnificent!)

How often do we plant specimens in our gardens never imagining that there are places where these plants grow wild by the thousands.  What an amazing planet this is!

And lastly, I just took note, yesterday, of these tiny yellow blossoms in a couple of my fairy gardens... so cheerful!

Today's guinea update:

all 24 are thriving - actually consuming more feed than I can keep in their feeder.  But then, they run around like crazy much of the day just burning off the calories!  They are hard to photograph, as they rarely stand still, unless they are huddled in the corner out of fear (humans are very scary, you know!)

It's been a week since Chester's surgery to remove and biopsy a tumor from his left nostril.  In case you were wondering... we still have not gotten any word about the biopsy.  But, Chester is doing great!

To answer Karen's question about what binoculars we use... Bushnell. Hubbs also invest in a Swarovski spotting scope years ago... perfect for those far-away birds.


Lynne said…
I have been away from “my haven” for a few days . . .
Oh how this post encourages me for my return.
These are the days when things change overnight . . .
Thank you Beverly . . .
One time years ago, I was on my way to my folks' place and felt a sharp pain in the back of my leg. Then another and another....seems a yellow jacket had found his way up my pants leg and was intent on doing some damage. It hurt like heck and I zoomed to my parents' house and I jumped out of the car and stripped my jeans off right there in the front yard. I am sure the neighbors got a view but I didn't care. That nasty creature stung me 6 times in the back of my leg. Thanks heavens I am not allergic but my leg did swell quite a bit and hurt like heck for days. I hate wasps. Hate them and they come back every year like the plague. I get stung about every year. Okay, I took a deep Love the fairy houses.
woody said…
Continuing (sp) to pray for Chester.
This N That said…
Love the first Bee shot!!
The Wisteria has undergone quite a transformation...So pretty..
I picked some Peonies this AM...Pinkies..
My Lavender isn't blooming yet..Not sure when to cut it back..Not now for sure..
My Lupine didn't come back..
Hope Chesters path report is OK..
Have a good weekend..
The colors of those flowers are just spectacular....and I can smell the wonderful scent of the peonies from here!