Wednesday, November 20, 2019


Yesterday was my favorite kind of day.
We awoke early (4 AM),
 by 5 AM were were dressed... hopped in the gator...
 and off to do morning chores.

I love the way the barn looks early in the morning...

the fiery glow of the cats' heat lamps 
(all safely installed... as we never want a barn fire!)

We set about feeding, watering and cleaning up the night's manure

and within an hour had finished.

Back at the house, I fixed our favorite breakfast.
I had shared with you a couple weeks ago how I make my breakfast oatmeal.
The other typical breakfast I make is this:

sautéed veggies (here, Brussels sprouts, kale and spinach)

with an over-easy egg or two on top 

(the tiny egg in the front of the pan is courtesy of one of our new hens.... 
yes, apparently, one of them decided to get to work!)

On top of the eggs, a slice of cheese.

Delish!  And just a reminder... veggies are good with any meal!
We finished breakfast by 6:20.
Why so early?

Well... I had big plans for the morning.
I was to accompany my friend (who owns my favorite fiber/fabric store)
on a journey to a wool wholesaler.

She needed wool for the shop (for rug-hookers)
(She buys some by the bolt and dyes it herself in small batches)
and I wanted some plaid wool for my totes.

It was a successful trip.
My take-home was this:

Aren't they beautiful?
I can hardly wait to sew with them!

We were back from our adventure by late morning,
and I returned to the farm for a beautiful afternoon with temperatures reaching the 50's.

(Ahh.... Autumn, I thought you had abandoned us!)

(I think I need to buy the black kitties a lint brush!)

Seeing the pigs and sheep out in the front pasture,
I decided to do a little clean-up and visit with them for a while.

I'm not sure who enjoys these visits more...
me, or the pigs!

Either way, it's always a bit of a love-fest!

I have to tell you...
Yesterday, upon returning from the wool shop,
I sat in a local coffee shop,
(waiting for Hubbs to pick me up...
yes, the Prius is still in the shop - post deer debacle)
drinking some hot tea and reading all of yesterday's comments.
So... there I was (thankfully the coffee shop was empty) with tears running down my face.
I was truly touched by your comments of encouragement and affirmation.
And though you did give me a few concrete ideas... what I realized is that
normal life on the farm is really all I need to share.

I sometimes worry that my blog posts might become boring.
Apparently not.
So.... you are stuck with me.
I honestly cannot imagine not blogging 
after it being such a huge part of my life for the past 13 years.
Perhaps, on occasion, a day off will help.
And if you don't care that I ramble on about nothing more than daily life,
with an occasional bout of random inspiration or hilarity,
then, I'm your gal.

You keep showing up... and I'll be here.
Thank you... from the bottom of my heart.


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