Friday, November 30, 2012

Welcoming December

The snow is just about all gone.

It was lovely while it lasted!

Just a little remains around the barn...

enough to put me in the holiday spirit!

I have started to decorate....

The tree in the living room is finished.

Just a sneak peak....
Dried hydrangeas from this summer's garden and burlap garland...

I'll share more as I finish, ok?

Have a lovely weekend.
We have a holiday party to attend.
It will be a great way to usher in December and start the Christmas season.

Now, let's see....I must find something festive to wear...
and of course, I must clean off the farm dirt!

See you Monday for more Tales from the Farm!

Thursday, November 29, 2012

A Few Updates

Over the past few weeks I have told you a few stories...
stories that need proper endings!

First Moll Flanders....

Moll has decided that she is a free spirit and prefers to not "live" anywhere.
So, every three days or so, Moll returns to the barn,
eats a meal...

entices anyone around for a little affection...

and then leaves again.
Even a cushy bed and her own heat lamp are not enough to tie her down.
I suspect she has a gypsy heart and cannot resist the call of the wild.
Well, that's ok.
She's welcome any time she stops by.
And since she's been spayed, she cannot get herself into too much trouble!

In the last chapter of the Adventures of Roy Boy we left Roy in his new home
in the upper chicken pen with Ole Roy, Brad and the hens.
At that time we were unsure he would stay after we opened the door and
allowed all to free-range.

Happily, the door was opened...
everyone emerged....
and everyone (including Roy Boy) returned to roost in the henhouse that evening.

As for my silly donkey girls who don't like to do much of anything that is not their own idea,
they are very much into the routine of everyday life.
(oh... and aren't their winter "bangs" adorable?)

Each morning, they go out into the front pasture with the horses.
As soon as I appear back at the barn and call them
("Oh Donkey Girls......")in my usual sing-songy voice,
they tiptoe back into their yard in tandem.... no muss, no fuss!

I love these girls!

And lastly, MaryAnn and Ginger...
I get a lot of questions about these gals.
First, for any new readers...
these two are special pigs.
They are Kunekune pigs from New Zealand.
(The are not hogs.)
They are a small, exotic breed of pig with a sweet disposition and 
absolutely adorable teddy bear faces.
They are herbivores....eating only a pelleted feed, grass and hay.

What I cannot emphasize enough is how clean these gals are.
This little stall is their shelter from the weather.
They have the run of a large yard just outside, but prefer to remain indoors in inclement weather.
They do, however, always go outside to do their business.
They have never wet or soiled their stall once.
Here they eat and sleep. 
 They are well aware of the fact that no one has a toilet in their kitchen!

If you are considering adding a pig to your own menagerie....I highly recommend this breed!

I think that about wraps up any stories that I may have left hanging.

You might notice that there are often questions in my comments that go unanswered.
I try, whenever possible to email anyone who has a question for me.... so the answer might now show up in my comments.
As always, thanks so much for your heartfelt comments and your interest in our little piece of the world.

Wednesday, November 28, 2012

"It's always darkest before the dawn...."
And this morning is no exception to that.
The moon has already set.
The farm is shrouded in peaceful, inky darkness...snow falling softly,
 blanketing the ground and muffling all sound.

I pull on my warm gear and head out in the gator...
into the first snowfall of the season.

 I quickly feed the animals, enjoying the peace and quiet of the pre-dawn.

The horses and donkeys quietly munch on their hay

 as the snow settles on their backs.

I am amazed at how quickly the flakes accumulate.

This is the view from the barn's hayloft...

And the guinea tree by the barn...

Up in the chicken pen, Roy Boy has ventured outside with his girlfriend, Dolly.

The rest of the gang watch from the doorway of the henhouse,
hesitant to get their toes cold.

As for MaryAnn and Ginger...
they prefer to remain spectators.
After all, everything they need is inside under a heat lamp...
why venture outside?

As for me...
my free time will be spent in my sewing room,
making more of these....

my view... a winter wonderland!

Is there anything more magical than the first snow?
Perhaps a Christmas snow!

Tuesday, November 27, 2012


A picture of solitude...

so peaceful...

so calm....

so quiet? 

Don't let these photos fool you.
It is anything but peaceful here on the farm on this sunny afternoon.

The sounds of gunfire are a continuing reminder that this is my least favorite
week of the year.

"Deer Camp" or "Beer Camp" as it is called starts this week.
And unfortunately, the neighbor on the western most edge of the farm
is a deer camp.
Three hundred and sixty days of the year this deer camp is deserted.
Not this week, as is evidenced by the amount of "close" gunfire that I am hearing.
And in the air.... fear and death loom....
our local deer population running scared.

This week, each year, makes me nervous...
afraid for the safety of my dogs
(whose woodsy adventures are curtailed.)

I keep them close to me... calling "Sam!" , "Oakley" every few minutes
to make sure they don't stray.

 We have a week or two to endure
and then peace (and quiet) will once again settle over the farm.

Until then I will continue to pray for each and every deer that lives around here.
Praying that they can run fast, run smart,
and hide out in the safety of our "No Trespassing" woods!

Monday, November 26, 2012


Thanksgiving is over.
What remains of the turkey is now soup.

We made it through another Black and Blue Friday, with no mishaps...

lots of stories....

war stories....

memories to last a lifetime.

I was unable to play paintball with the rest of the family...
(designated Tyler babysitter)

but I have vicariously enjoyed the fun through the stories of my family.

I know.... it's a weird and wacky Thanksgiving tradition,
but, it's ours and we love it!

It doesn't matter how you celebrate your holidays...
what matters are the traditions...
those things you do each year...
the things you count on...
the things you remember forever...
that count.

Every year, on the weekend after Thanksgiving,
we go to the same tree farm to get our Christmas tree.
It's tradition!

Traditions are good.  They bond a family together.
The make sweet memories that can be carried in our hearts forever.
It just doesn't get any better than that.

So, with the Christmas season fastly approaching,
think about making your own traditions...
and hang on to them each year.

As for the farm...after all, it is what you came to see, right?
I have one post-Thanksgiving photo to share...

Poor Sammy...
just cannot understand why the chickens get Thanksgiving dinner scraps, and not him.

"But maybe if I stare at it long enough,
my tractor beam will pull it right through the fence."

He stood there for about a half hour....motionless.... waiting....willing.
How's that working for you, Sammy?

Friday, November 23, 2012

Black and Blue Friday

"Oooooooh.....I think I ate a little too much turkey!"

We are spending the day with family...
playing (paintball)  and cooking and feasting....
our annual "Black and Blue Friday".
We will be back on Monday with more "Tails from the Farm".

PS... thanks for stopping by each day to check on us!
We have enjoyed sharing our lives with you over the past six years.
It is our hope to be here for many more years with lots more tales!

Have a great weekend!

Thursday, November 22, 2012

Being Thankful

First, let me wish you and yours a very Happy Thanksgiving
from all of us here on the farm!

We have so much to be thankful for... each and every day.
We are most thankful for the souls that share this life with us...
family, friends, and critters.
Our lives our full...
our hearts, grateful!

Today we have yet another thing to add to our "thankful" list.
We have three pregnant goats!
Yes, all three does that we bred were successfully impregnated,
as was evidenced on yesterday's ultrasounds.

Young Nettie B., born a year and a half ago was first to be checked.

A little patch of belly shaved....

cold gel and the ultrasound wand...


one little baby showed up on the screen.
Dr. Becky searched and searched, but only found one.
(Sometimes they remain hidden.)
So we will assume that Nettie will have just one baby this coming March.

Her mama, Missy was next to be checked.

Again, only one baby could be found.
(Time will tell.)

And lastly, old one-eyed Myrtle....
who knew something was happening, and preferred to hide behind the hay rack.

Ritz crackers and a little coaxing brought Myrtle into the maternity ward.
Much to our surprise, Myrtle definitely has triplets!
There was also one other spot on the ultrasound that was suspicious.
(It was either a fourth baby, or just a part of one of the others.)

Oh, what excitement we will have come Spring!

Look who was hanging around outside the gate....

If you have been following this blog for the past year, then you will know Sophia's story.
If not, let me summarize.
Sophia (aptly named for her beautiful eyes) was a stray who showed up at our barn.
We spayed her, kept her, but she didn't get along well with Ella Bella.
Sophia then moved into Becky's garage.... and now she is an inside/outside cat
who lives with Becky.

Sophia loves to spend her days outside in great adventures,
her nights in cushy, warm comfort!

Have a wonderful holiday!
Our big celebration is tomorrow (Friday)...
known around here as Black and Blue Friday.
We spend part of the day playing paintball in our woods,
and the rest of the day preparing and eating a feast.
I'll be sure to take some pictures!


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