Thursday, November 22, 2012

Being Thankful

First, let me wish you and yours a very Happy Thanksgiving
from all of us here on the farm!

We have so much to be thankful for... each and every day.
We are most thankful for the souls that share this life with us...
family, friends, and critters.
Our lives our full...
our hearts, grateful!

Today we have yet another thing to add to our "thankful" list.
We have three pregnant goats!
Yes, all three does that we bred were successfully impregnated,
as was evidenced on yesterday's ultrasounds.

Young Nettie B., born a year and a half ago was first to be checked.

A little patch of belly shaved....

cold gel and the ultrasound wand...


one little baby showed up on the screen.
Dr. Becky searched and searched, but only found one.
(Sometimes they remain hidden.)
So we will assume that Nettie will have just one baby this coming March.

Her mama, Missy was next to be checked.

Again, only one baby could be found.
(Time will tell.)

And lastly, old one-eyed Myrtle....
who knew something was happening, and preferred to hide behind the hay rack.

Ritz crackers and a little coaxing brought Myrtle into the maternity ward.
Much to our surprise, Myrtle definitely has triplets!
There was also one other spot on the ultrasound that was suspicious.
(It was either a fourth baby, or just a part of one of the others.)

Oh, what excitement we will have come Spring!

Look who was hanging around outside the gate....

If you have been following this blog for the past year, then you will know Sophia's story.
If not, let me summarize.
Sophia (aptly named for her beautiful eyes) was a stray who showed up at our barn.
We spayed her, kept her, but she didn't get along well with Ella Bella.
Sophia then moved into Becky's garage.... and now she is an inside/outside cat
who lives with Becky.

Sophia loves to spend her days outside in great adventures,
her nights in cushy, warm comfort!

Have a wonderful holiday!
Our big celebration is tomorrow (Friday)...
known around here as Black and Blue Friday.
We spend part of the day playing paintball in our woods,
and the rest of the day preparing and eating a feast.
I'll be sure to take some pictures!


Karen said...

Happy Thanksgiving and Congratulations on all those babies!!... We look forward to spring arrivals!

thecrazysheeplady said...

Happy Thanksgiving :-D

Country Gal said...

Oh congrats to all the new mama's . I cant wait to see the little ones jumping around your farm ! Sophia is so pretty. I wish we could afford to spay or neuter and look after all the stray cats we have showing up it is sad new litters always popping up I see so many stray kittens around here. Have a wonderful Thanksgiving !

Michele said...

Aw .. how sweet! Baby goats are so adorable :)

Last night PBS aired a Nature show called My Life as a Turkey and I immediately thought of you. If you get a moment, check it out! Totally fascinating.

Happy holiday!

jaz@octoberfarm said...

what excitement! can't wait for the babies! sounds like a wonderful day you have planned tomorrow! happy thanksgiving!

Anke said...

Happy Thanksgiving to you and the family! Congrats on all those goat babies, lots of cuteness to look forward to.

Beverly said...

Michele... I will set my recorder to catch this PBS show....the preview looks great. Thanks for thinking of me! Happy Thanksgiving!

Cindy said...

Congrats on the new babies! have a very happy Thanksgiving. Ours is tomorrow too, because we have to share with inlaws:(

Susannah said...

Great goats! Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours. Have lots of fun tomorrow!


Missy George said...

Congratulations on all the pregnancies..Won't Spring be fun..and busy.!! Nice to have that to look forward to..Happy Thanksgiving to everyone..Love...

Junebug said...

Happy Thanksgiving to your entire family! Give that one special doggy a hug for me and yeah, for all the new babies this Spring!

Hugs and more hugs!!

the wild magnolia said...

Wishing you a Happy Thanksgiving!

Kelly said...

congrats on the upcoming babies. Happy Thanksgiving! Be safe tomorrow.

Kelsie said...

Happy Thanksgiving!! That is so exciting! ... all those kids!!! So cool!!! :)

Mary said...

Thank you for this, and Happy Thanksgiving to you too! And yay for baby goats! Happy for you. And Sophia is lovely.. She looks a little mischievous... :)

Anonymous said...

What an exciting sneak peak at kidding season!

Laura Sudderth said...

Happy Thanksgiving to everyone on the farm. Thank you for sharing the goat information. I look forward to all your posts, it just brings a huge smile every time I read it. Are the goats pregnant for 4 months? Although I have had a couple of goats, they were never pregnant, so I am curious. Have fun at paint ball and does it hurt when you get shot with paint?

Ellen from Georgia said...

Wow triplets, my goat had twins and it was a beautiful thing to watch. Thank goodness she was a mature nanny and didn't need any help except to transport them to the shelter in a wheel barrel. Ellen from Georgia

Kris said...

Oh my goodness...goats galore, come Spring!!!
xo Kris


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