Thursday, November 29, 2012

A Few Updates

Over the past few weeks I have told you a few stories...
stories that need proper endings!

First Moll Flanders....

Moll has decided that she is a free spirit and prefers to not "live" anywhere.
So, every three days or so, Moll returns to the barn,
eats a meal...

entices anyone around for a little affection...

and then leaves again.
Even a cushy bed and her own heat lamp are not enough to tie her down.
I suspect she has a gypsy heart and cannot resist the call of the wild.
Well, that's ok.
She's welcome any time she stops by.
And since she's been spayed, she cannot get herself into too much trouble!

In the last chapter of the Adventures of Roy Boy we left Roy in his new home
in the upper chicken pen with Ole Roy, Brad and the hens.
At that time we were unsure he would stay after we opened the door and
allowed all to free-range.

Happily, the door was opened...
everyone emerged....
and everyone (including Roy Boy) returned to roost in the henhouse that evening.

As for my silly donkey girls who don't like to do much of anything that is not their own idea,
they are very much into the routine of everyday life.
(oh... and aren't their winter "bangs" adorable?)

Each morning, they go out into the front pasture with the horses.
As soon as I appear back at the barn and call them
("Oh Donkey Girls......")in my usual sing-songy voice,
they tiptoe back into their yard in tandem.... no muss, no fuss!

I love these girls!

And lastly, MaryAnn and Ginger...
I get a lot of questions about these gals.
First, for any new readers...
these two are special pigs.
They are Kunekune pigs from New Zealand.
(The are not hogs.)
They are a small, exotic breed of pig with a sweet disposition and 
absolutely adorable teddy bear faces.
They are herbivores....eating only a pelleted feed, grass and hay.

What I cannot emphasize enough is how clean these gals are.
This little stall is their shelter from the weather.
They have the run of a large yard just outside, but prefer to remain indoors in inclement weather.
They do, however, always go outside to do their business.
They have never wet or soiled their stall once.
Here they eat and sleep. 
 They are well aware of the fact that no one has a toilet in their kitchen!

If you are considering adding a pig to your own menagerie....I highly recommend this breed!

I think that about wraps up any stories that I may have left hanging.

You might notice that there are often questions in my comments that go unanswered.
I try, whenever possible to email anyone who has a question for me.... so the answer might now show up in my comments.
As always, thanks so much for your heartfelt comments and your interest in our little piece of the world.


Country Gal said...

Lovely photos ! Glad to hear all is well on the farm ! Have a good day !

JudiB said...

No Bev thank you for the wonderful pictures and stories of your friends. It is alays a great start to my day of heading to my barn to greet my friends there.

Feeling the chill of winter here in Ontario AND..a touch of snow.

Michele said...

Beverly, if your sweet little world is not a slice of heaven on earth, I do not know what is. These glimpses are the highlight of my day. xox

Meghan Grace said...

We love your little piece of the world! Thank you for sharing it, Bev! Hugs, Meghan

Junebug said...

Your little slice of the world is truly heaven on earth! Thank you for sharing it with all of us. Hugs!!

Karen said...

I am amazed that they don't poop in their stall!.. someone told me pigs are just as intelligent as dogs, I think that's proof!....

Denise at Autumn Sky said...

I hope Moll has another warm place to sleep when she is travelling. Maybe a gypsy wagon?

Missy George said...

Nice wrap up..I'm sure "the moll" will be around more as it gets colder...Maybe she has another life?? Home??..Think I should add a pig to my menagerie?? Probably not...Enjoy your day..

Karen Bates said...

Thanks for the update. I just love hearing about all you pals but your Ginger and favs. Love that beautiful picture of them...such clean girls!

Rebecca said...

I think it is very interesting how the donkeys stay together...and I think your chickens are beautiful!

the wild magnolia said...

a delightful post...thank you.

Mary said...

I am a huge fan of all your animals! Love 'em even though i've (obviously) never personally met them! Sweethearts all. I adore Ginger and Maryann. They always look like they're smiling. :D And your donkeys have bangs just like my knees do sometimes. Very stylish!

MaryO said...

Love this blog - the animals pics make my day. I am in love w/Roy Boy... what a beautiful bird (and he knows it - LOL). A real piece of heaven. You are blessed. Thanks for sharing ! Your decorating is wonderful - you have a lovely home. luv. MaryO

From Beyond My Kitchen Window said...

I have never wanted more land more than I want it now. I would love to have room for a couple of adorable pigs or donkeys.


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