Night and Day

We are checking in from beneath a mountain of snowy flour.  Yes, we have been baking up a storm, cooking soups, lasagna, etc. and getting food into the freezer for the upcoming holiday season.  Being able to visit with overnight guests without the pressure of all of the holiday cooking will be a luxury this year.  All it takes is a little early preparation and lots of freezer storage!

We've been enjoying a week of beautiful sunshine and daily highs in the 40's.  Hunting season is over and we are back in the woods once again.  Oh, how I missed those walks!  And so did the dogs!  The puddles left from Sunday's rain are beginning to disappear - finally.  We had a few very soggy days here!

I snapped a few photos the other evening while the dogs and I were outside for the final feeding.  Winter evenings are so peaceful... especially this week with no bright moon to light up the sky.  I am sometimes asked if I am scared outside in the night by myself.  

I actually love the night and love being outside when it is dark and peaceful.  As for fear... well, I always have three dogs for company, so... no.  I always tell my grandchildren that there is no difference between night and day except for the sun's presence or absence.

A study in light and dark....

Can you see why I love the dark?

During last evening's walk, the dogs were quite excited about something up this tree.

I shone my headlamp into the top branches and saw this...

Great escape, buddy!!

We have finished the Christmas village and train set.  It's ready for our young engineers.  How they love working the train and making it whistle!  It's several hours of work to get set up - but the smiles make every minute worth it!

PS:   I apologize for taking a while to answer this question (I forgot).  The pecan snowball cookie that I make is this recipe.


The JR said…
No need to apologize. I know you are a busy lady. Thank you, I'll pass it along to my friend. thank you so much.
Unknown said…
The train village is just wonderful, how fun that is for the kids.
I saw a knitting project and thought of you Riverlands Bandana Cowl pattern by Small Branch Designs. Seemed like a great item for your winter weather.
Have a great day! Lisa G in TN.
Karla said…
I just love seeing your village all set up. The details are incredible and I'm sure it is even more fabulous in person!
Karen said…
Geez - I want to come to YOUR house for Christmas:)

I'm a night person as well - it's just plain cozier! ** The Geminids meteor showers I've missed so far - hoping you might have seen them. So Merry Christmas to you, Trail Boss Jack and your entire family (four footed as well - we never forget them:) Best Wishes - Karen/Pacific Northwest
This N That said…
I liked your study in light and dark..Pretty cool...
I always enjoyed our close to midnight walks (mollie and me)...We often saw deer..An occasional Fox...One night we got ganged up on by 3 Fox pups... I called security because we would have had to walk between them to get home...The parents are used to us an just look the other way..The pups were in attack mode.
Your train display is beautiful...Love the mountains..cute houses!!
Judy said…
Merry Christmas to you and your family. I love the dark too. When I go and check on my chickens at night I often run into fox and deer. I can always here the coyote In our forest. Thanks so much for sharing so much with all of us.
You are so organized....getting everything ready for your Christmas celebration this weekend....Wow....I wish that I had your ambition! Just love seeing your decorating and your Christmas village and train....always so awesome. I'm glad you have 3 trusty dogs to go out with you at night....glad Mr.Possum made it up that tree. Hope your party is a blast!