A Different Kind of Busy

Although it might feel like the busiest time of year, it isn't really.  We have much more to do in the spring and early summer than in the winter.  Life around the farm slows down considerably this time of year.  It does so for a purpose and I am all for slowing down with it. 

 Our weekend was a cloudy, dreary one with rain on Sunday. 

 It would have been the perfect weekend to sit in front of a fire with a book, or some knitting.

Four little cheeseburgers, all in a row

However, this time of year becomes busy in a different way.  It's a concentrated time of connecting with loved ones and friends - taking us off of the farm more than usual.  I spent the bulk of Friday, Saturday, and Sunday away from the farm.  With Jack staying home to tend to dogs and farm chores, I met a couple of dear friends on Friday for lunch and a concert at the Milton Hershey School. 

 The concert was put on by the high schoolers in their beautiful Founder's Hall. 

 If Milton Hershey were alive to see how his dream has grown through the years, he'd be beyond happy.  This boarding school for low-income children boasts a beautiful, countryside campus and the school is top-notch.  

It was wonderful to watch such poised young people perform in concert band, chorus, and dance ensemble (some of them performing in all three!)  Besides being beautiful to behold, Founder's Hall has amazing acoustics.  The concert was truly a treat and a great way to kick off the holidays.

Saturday, I spent the day with my gal-pal Mackenzie.

  She had technical and dress rehearsals for her Sunday dance recital. 

 The venue for this program was equally stunning... held at the Forum in our State Capitol.

During her one afternoon break, we hit the pavement and walked a little of the city to see the sights.  Mackenzie had never been in the capitol rotunda, so we went in to see the state Christmas tree.

Another amazingly beautiful place.  

Between rehearsals, we chatted.  Eight year olds can be such great conversationalists, and I enjoyed every moment that I got to spend with this little cutie.  If only there was a way to keep these kids from growing up so quickly... but then, that's life.  So, we squeeze every moment out of the present making precious memories to warm our hearts when they are grown and busy with their own lives.

The few hours that I spent at home this weekend were filled with the continuation of cooking and baking.

Oh, and a quick funny story:  I took my knitting along to dress rehearsal on Saturday so that I could be productive when alone.  When it was time to leave, I gathered up my knitting and Mackenzie's belongings, and headed up the steps towards the exit of the auditorium.  I had been sitting down front, so that meant I had to climb up the steps to the halfway point, and then back down another set of steps beyond that.  I rounded the corner out of the auditorium and headed down the circular hallway that borders the Forum, towards the dressing rooms to pick up Mackenzie.  About 100 yards into my walk I felt like something was holding me back making it difficult to walk.  Had I caught my coat on something?  No, somehow my yarn had stayed at my seat and I was walking along unraveling it.  Some sweet gentleman came running after me saying, "Ma'am, I think you lost your yarn!"  So... yes, the next few minutes were spent retracing my steps, re-wrapping the yarn into a ball... down the hallway, around the corner, up the steps, down the steps - back to my seat.  Just a somewhat-typical occurrence in my crazy "trying to do two things at one time" world!

Sunday, we again we again went back to the city for Mackenzie's performance.  Before having to leave Forrest for the afternoon, we did a woodsy walk in the rain.  There's actually something exhilarating about immersing oneself in the winter weather... no matter what it brings!


Such wonderful times making memories with friends and family!

Forrest sure never seems to be bothered by the weather not matter what comes!

Your yarn story sounds like the kind of thing that happens to me. Very kind of the fellow to let you know what was happening.

I'm sure days out are grand but it's always nice to be back home again.
Unknown said…
Forrest seemed to go from puppy to full adult man dog in a flash. Winter may slow you down but he seems to be at full speed. Loved seeing your photos from your outings. Making memories with the grandkids is time well spent. Kids that know they are loved certainly show it in all they do. Blessings, Lisa G in TN
I was chuckling as you “spun your yarn” 😃 about leaving your ball of yarn and traveling so far with it trailing behind you. These are things of comic strips and cartoons! Misfortunes like this make good stories we all can relate to and no one harmed but maybe our pride at the time.
Does Forrest have a double coat? I imagine he does loving water no matter what the temperature is. Such a pretty, funny boy who is growing into a fine, handsome fella in his own right.
Thanks for sharing about the concert. Sounds like a wonderful time for all!
Karen said…
The yarn story - that is SO me! **thanks for sharing - it says a lot of your character for laughing at yourself:) Enjoy your week!
This N That said…
Love the yarn story..what a hoot!!!Better yarn than toilet paper..
We only had a little over an inch of rain but I'm thankful for that..
The Forum and the Rotunda are beautiful..Always nice to see..I'll bet the show was fun as well..You had a very busy few days...but then you are always busy with something...xxoo
Jeannie said…
I'm so glad you got to enjoy some nice holiday activities. The venues you pictured are beautiful. Mackenzie's Christmas dance recital took me back to my childhood. She is making some wonderful memories and you are so lucky to be part of the excitement. Juxtaposed with all of that holiday cheer are your soggy pictures of the farm---and Forrest, of course, looking quite stoic in the rain.