Not Your Typical August

Yesterday was one of the loveliest days of this summer to date... and not a typical day for August. 

Temperatures were in the upper 70's with a cool breeze... perfect!

The morning started out cold and damp - dragon's breath hung low above the pasture.

By mid-morning, the sun had burned through and blue sky was visible.

By afternoon, it was spectacular!

We enjoyed a visit from "the girls" Maggie and Macy.

They were eager to see how much the chickens that they had hatched out this spring had grown.  Poppy is now a lovely black rooster who's feathers are tipped in teal, with accents of orange.  Handsome cheek-muffs complete his look.

Posie, his companion, is not quite a showy.

  Both of them remain a bit friendlier than most chickens their age.

It was the perfect day to spend outdoors.  We hiked in the woods and explored the stream.  Mama Bernadette went for a creek swim,

while the girls hung out on a tree that had fallen across the stream.

We picnicked and visited and thoroughly enjoyed the day together.

Meanwhile in the garden, our Mama guinea is spending more time off of the nest and the number of eggs in the nest has dwindled down to just four.  (There were six the previous day.). I am starting to think that perhaps Ginny Guinea is not going to be a responsible mother (as is typical with many guineas.)

Last week, a friend brought me a pile of April Cornell dinner napkins and pillow shams. 

 I have always loved April Cornell fabric patterns, so I am deconstructing each of these items and cutting them into strips that I will reconstruct to make a large piece of fabric.

From this I plan to make a long summer skirt.  I'll share a photo when it is completed.

It looks as though this entire week is going to bring us continued perfect weather.  It will be a week of gardening... cleaning out beds for fall planting and harvesting all that is currently in season.


jaz@octoberfarm said…
it was a perfect day here too. one that i could use a lot more of but alas, the 90+ weather is returning with humidity too...yuck! can't wait to see the skirt!
Marsha said…
That fabric is beautiful!
Jody in Georgia said…
As usual, my day got off to a wonderful start by reading your blog! Thanks so much for sharing tales of the farm!
Patty said…
We, too, are enjoying cooler air and low humidity in northern Illinois! It feels so good!
Can't wait to see your finished skirt. It will be lovely.
littlemancat said…
It was a beautiful day, always think of such days as Maine days, clear blue skies and no humidity. At least, Maine days before climate change.
The skirt will be amazing - gypsy dancer...
This N That said…
Yes, this has been a beautiful week so far but there is another heat wave in store for us next week..90's again..Still need rain..
Your skirt will be lovely..fabric looks pretty.
Nice that the girls came for a visit..Are you going to keep Poppy??
Hope all is well..xxoo

Oh dear, I don't know if you're going to see any of those baby guineas after all....maybe she isn't even hanging around long enough to hatch them....and somebody is stealing the eggs! Well, I'm sure that as long as you've been living on your farm, you've seen about everything. I was looking forward to seeing those little ones though. I'm glad to hear you're having some perfect days weather-wise. That skirt of yours is going to be wonderful! Can't wait to see it!