It's been a summer of abundance - and one I will not quickly forget.  We've had abundant sunshine and abundant rain- resulting in an abundant harvest.

It's been a great year for berries and fruit trees.  I've picked gallons of wild raspberries, and sour cherries and blueberries.  The apple, pear, and peach trees are weighed down with developing fruit, so an abundant fruit harvest awaits us at Summer's end.  We'll enjoy a winter filled with delicious fruity treats!

Sour Cherry Jam

Over the past few days, we've had several storms pass through with heavy rains.  Each day we have received almost an inch of precipitation... making watering the gardens unnecessary.

In fact, the gardens are all looking a bit like jungles right now.

So much is blooming... gladiolas...

and day lilies provide fresh pops of color.

Many of the flowers are on their second set of blooms... delphiniums...

The pond is finally full again...

and fungi are popping up everywhere!

The profusion zinnias have filled out the log planters nicely.  

Turkey tail fungi adds yet another dimension...

And though the weather is quite humid most of the summer, we are lucky in that there's been plenty of rain.  I worry about our western states that have had so many years of drought conditions.

Yesterday morning, I headed out to do morning chores with Sammie as my co-pilot. 

We stopped by the sheep, who were still sheltering in place after the previous night's storms.

Hope's look says it all.  "Good morning.  Yes, I'm fine.  No, I'll just stay right here where it's dry, thank you."

As for the previous night's storm, by the way... I happened to be caught in it as we were doing the evening chores.

Yes, just like the Post Office... not rain nor sleet nor.........you get the idea.

Hubbs had a golf date yesterday morning, so I did the chores solo.  I never mind doing chores by myself - it's such a peaceful time.   I immerse myself in the tasks, without a care... completely at peace here in my little damp world.

I hear an occasional snort from the front pasture, as the equines happily graze. 

I may be the only one working, but I am never alone!

It's a good time of year for our chickens.  Besides having free range of the farm all day, they receive lots of tasty scraps from the garden.  As we drive the gator towards the henhouse, all of the hens come running to see what we have brought them.

Zucchini and yellow squash are on today's menu.  Everyone eagerly dives in!

Even the youngsters get a portion.

Yes, it's a summer of abundance.  And though the pandemic of the previous year is still of concern, life has settled back into a normal feel... and for this I am very grateful.


Lisa said…
We have received lots of rain and sun also which means weeds! But also means I don't have to water. I don't mind weeding. It's good therapy.
Last night I was invited to pick wild blueberries because the owners don't have time to pick them this year! I'm so excited. Yes I have high bush blueberries but there's nothing like wild blueberries.
daisy g said…
Great quote, and oh-so true! Wow, y'all have been blessed with so much rain. It keeps passing us by. Thankful for drip irrigation!

All of your helpers must make chores a bit easier. You get to visit with every sweet soul.

Be Blissed!
Grandma Zee said…
So grateful you are getting rain and such and wonderful harvest. The new lawn color out here in the west is yellow !! garden is coming along, but slow, I have mulched the garden heavily, so that helps. Wish you could send a little of your rain to us. We also have very smoky skies here in Utah from the west coast fires. But we just keep going and pray for rain and lots of snow pack this coming winter. A gardener is always hopeful! Just love seeing all of your beautiful flowers, my roses have done exceptionally well this year, despite the drought. My grandmother always said, in years of abundance, can and freeze all you are able too, as next year may not be as abundant. Sounds like you are doing just that.
It poured rain here yesterday in torrents. We have had enough now. My grass will be so high I may have to get a goat. Lol. Love seeing Sammie. How old is he? Seems like he has been around for a long time.
This N That said…
I got caught in it yesterday as well..(no pictures)..Mollie was going nowhere but the nearest shelter because of the thunder..Unfortunately, it wasn't our house..I had to pick her up and carry her til we got close enough to home that she got the idea..She is more than a hanful these days..
Happy for the rain as well..I love watering but not in this heat...and the bugs!!!
Nice quote..Stay cool...Hugs
Marcia LaRue said…
Your tree stump planters are doing well with the zinnias and the 2 black Beatrixes!! LOL That picture of the glads ... OMG ... that would make such a beautiful jigsaw puzzle ... of course, I say that about far too many of your pictures!! LOL
Such a wonderful, lovely visit once again! Nothing like the fresh produce ... such a feast you can make with all of that!!
phyllis Schmitz said…
Needing some of your rain in Oregon.
Junebug said…
Your green grass looks lovely, plus all your flowers! My yard is brown and dead😓 We are on water conservation so no watering allowed. No blueberries or raspberries for me this year, all burnt. Yes, we are Oregon and no rain in sight. So I will just enjoy your photos!
Wow ....that's SOME abundance you've got there! everything seems to grow so well on your farm.....vegies, fruits, flowers, critters! How wonderful! I love the pic of you soaked from the rain! So cute! The daylilies, the glads, the zinnias are all so beautiful. I love all the colors and so glad you have been getting abundant rain this summer. It's such a joy to come visit you at your blog. Thank you so much for the awesome job you do! and aren't those sheep cute sitting in their little houses? So nice to see their faces again!