A Lot of Little Things

 There are days when I have a story to share with you, but more times than not, I have just a collection of moments from a given day.  It's the posts with a lot of little things that best represent most of my days here on the farm... days made up of moments.  I love sharing those moments with you.  It's in these moments that life's magic lives!

Most mornings include a walk of the edge of the woods... both for me and the ducks.  

Me - looking for ripe berries for winter jams, the ducks - foraging for the remains of Cicadapalooza.  Blueberries are almost finished.  Raspberries are over now (it was a great harvest), and blackberries are ripening.  With the abundant rains we have gotten, the berries are the plumpest they have ever been!

The fruit trees are packed with fruit as well.  I can hardly wait to harvest these pears!

I believe we are in the midst of sunny weather, but it is very hard to tell.  A grey haze hangs over the sky each day... smoke that has drifted across the country from the wildfires out West.  It is a sad state - these fires - which only seem to get worse year after year.  The smoke from these fires only adds to our climate crisis.  And yet... there are those who still don't believe that global warming is real.  Our children's children will have much to deal with in their lifetimes - sadly a result of our own carelessness.  

Sorry for digressing, these passionate opinions of mine result from living so closely with Mother Nature.  I only want to do everything in my power to protect this beautiful earth.

Back to the farm....

 By mid-morning, I call the horses and donkeys in from the front pasture.  They've enjoyed the cool morning hours and now will hang out in front of the barn fans to stay cool and bug-free in the afternoon's heat.

I head to the sheep and pig yard to open up their gate to the front pasture.  They will have access to this area for grazing for the rest of the day and evening.  They take short trips into the pasture and eat for a while, then hide out in the cooler shade of their own yards for much of the afternoon.  Then, again, before dark, they enjoy the expanse of the front pasture.

On her way past me, MaryAnn stops to say "hello" 

and enjoy a belly rub.

Then, on she goes into the pasture with her friends.

Something unusual caught my eye as I was leaving the sheep/pig yard.

 There was something different about this bird house that has hung for years in a very craggy old apple tree.  The birdhouse was a gift from a dear friend... meant to house sweet songbirds.

And most definitely not for this purpose.

  I hope he wasn't in there to steal eggs!

The barn swallow babies have grown so quickly. 

 They are over-flowing their nest.  I am guessing it is soon time for them to fledge.

The abundant rain has made the garden a jungle.  Lots of harvesting is happening.

 I am so happy with how the morning glories have covered this tunnel trellis, but am full aware that I will have morning glories invading my garden forever.

They are so lovely, in all of their color and patterns, and will always be welcome in my garden.

I will simply need to pull out those who volunteer in unwanted places.  (ie: more weeding)

Last... a few garden photos to share the colors of the season:

And this is why I love Profusion Zinnias!!!  

Each of these started out as a spindly seedling.  Here's hoping all of your hopes and dreams grow like these zinnias!

Have a lovely day!!


Marsha said…
2 years ago I had a black snake eat my baby barn swallows it was heart breaking
Ann said…
Loving the story of your moments on the farm and grateful for your boldness in naming climate change. Those who live close to the earth know it best.
jaz@octoberfarm said…
hmmmmm...that snake looks like he is up to no good! your flowers are gorgeous. we are having a slight cooldown and the pups and i are thrilled. the smoke is horrible. how people can be climate deniers boggles my mind.
Steph said…
I love a good harmless snake, they eat the bugs I don't like, but guessing he was up to no good. Your morning glories are beautiful (as are all of your flowers), I remember my Dad planting some by his garden years ago not realizing how they take over. Still gives me a laugh.

Your pictures of the snake peeking out of the birdhouse were so scary, I actually jumped in my chair! How awful. I hope you didn't have any birds or eggs in that birdhouse. That would totally creep me out.
Love your morning glories...such beautiful colors and patterns. Sorry about your haze....they say a lot of the smoke and haze is coming down from Canada. I saw a map of the fires up there tonight and it is a huge number of them. Hope things will be better soon.