Pasture Moments

 Good morning!  What a beautiful week we've had here on the farm.  Every day has been sunny and 70 degrees... springtime perfection.   I captured a few photos yesterday morning as the herd was out grazing the front pasture.  

The sun was rising... promising another beautiful day.

It's been an amazing daffodil season.  

I love capturing photos of the animals as they graze amongst the daffodils.

Moonie, being his cheeky self - "hiding" behind the daffs - or was it the tree?

 "What horse?... I don't see a horse!"

As I lie on my stomach amongst the blossom, Ollie goes trotting by... in too much of a hurry to stop for a portrait.

Each morning, when I let the ducks out of their house, I check all of the corners for eggs.  Runner ducks are great layers and their eggs are delicious!  This is what I found yesterday -

It looks like someone is not giving it their best effort!  Most likely there will be no yolk in that tiny duck egg.  If I found them routinely like this, I could market low cholesterol eggs!

Yesterday marked the first day of mowing season.  A few years ago, when we built the present garden boxes, we planted all new grass in the garden area.  Hence, this area grows quickest and best.

In another month or two, these boxes will be overflowing with produce.  Between now and then, though, a whole lot of planting will need to be done. (A little at a time.)  Presently coming up are onions, sugar peas, spinach and radishes.  Lettuces should be up any day... if not, I will replant.  For this first lettuce planting, I used up leftover seeds from last season.  If they don't germinate, I will plant seeds that I recently ordered.

No matter what chores I am tending to, you can be sure Griz is right there with me.  He's fairly attached to me and rides along in the gator as I clean pastures.  Yesterday, we worked on the front pasture and visited with MaryAnn who was out there grazing.

Happy cat - happy pig.

I mentioned earlier this week that I was cleaning the lower porch on the front of our house.  This porch has been neglected for the most part, so I decided to do a little makeover.  I stained the wooden furniture dark brown (it was previously redwood),  added a couple cushions, an outdoor rug, and a fern.   And yes that is Ivy peeking out through the screen door.

I am planning to do a bit more planting and maybe add a few potted plants to complete this sitting area.

The last finishing touch will be to string some solar-powered fairy lights around the ceiling.


Marsha said…
Looks like a great day and the porch looks wonderful
colleen said…
Your daffodils are gorgeous. Do they ever get trampled on by the horses?
Your front porch looks so cozy.
Make it a great weekend and I'll be popping by on Monday. xoxoxo
Diane said…
I am still amazed at how far Griz has come. He is the velcro cat now! You did an amazing job on the porch area and your garden beds look so great even with no plants yet.
jaz@octoberfarm said…
don't you just love re-doing areas that you sort of forgot about in the past? I'm about to do that around the witch shed. we got a little rain last night and I'm hoping for more. we are really dry here.
This N That said…
The Daffys around here have been amazing this year..Something has made them happy!!Most of them could use a good thinning out..Love what you've done with the porch..Very cute!!..The Faery lights will be a nice touch..Happy Mowing..Have a good weekend..
Oh Bev your porch is looking awesome. I love your ideas for it. Wow you sure have beautiful daffodils....every different kind that I love! And great to see the horses and other animals featured in your pictures too. Thank you! So pretty.