Thank you for all of the birthday wishes yesterday.  They helped make it a very special day indeed.  Hubbs took over all of the farm chores for the day... which was great (and it rained, so I felt sorry for him.)  But, that left me with an entire day to do whatever I wanted.

Much of the day was spent in my sewing room happily working on painting projects for my class.  We worked on leaves and different styles of flowers.  I was happy as a pig in mud!

Before the rains (and later, freezing rain, not snow, thankfully) came, I took the dogs out for a walk-about. 

 Armed with scissors and a pitcher of water, I was intent on cutting the blossoming daffodils in order to keep them from freezing overnight.

There are still tons of un-opened blossoms, but most of the opened ones were cut so that I can continue to enjoy them indoors.  I hiked through the front pasture, past sleeping equines, to harvest the daffodils that grow in our locust grove.

While wandering around the farm, I was pleased to find more signs of Spring.  New life returning in areas that I had planted last summer....

and smiling violas peaking out from beneath a garden bunny.

As I crossed the little stream that helps to feed the pond,

I noticed some Jack-in-the-Pulpits starting to emerge.

This time of year is intoxicating.  It seems that every time I turn around, there is something new emerging from a long winter's slumber.  

As I walked back up the long driveway towards home, I noticed that Griz had followed us.  He's the little dot way down the driveway....


I try to discourage him from coming to the house, for his own good.   This time he made it almost to the garage. 

The house is Bobby's and Ivy's territory - and neither of them tolerate each other let alone a strange cat.

Before an altercation could occur, I whisked Griz back to the barn, via golf cart... otherwise he would have followed me back home again... and we could have ended up playing that game all day long!

Yesterday was a wonderful reminder of how lucky I am.  I have reached this age in good health.  I am married to my very best friend.  I have a loving family, wonderful children and precious grandchildren, and thoughtful, loving friends.  There is nothing that I would change about my life.  For all of that and more I am  truly grateful.

And with that, we say... "Welcome April!!"


colleen said…
Daffodils, a perfect birthday bouquet!! There couldn't be anymore perfect birthday than what you had. If I could doodle flowers nearly as nice as you I would be a happy camper. Thanks for sharing your special day. xoxoxo
littlemancat said…
The daffodils are beautiful!
How sweet is Griz, following his friend toward home.
I love your flower paintings, keep going, you're doing well!
One question - that emerging Jack-in-the Pulpit - looks a lot like a Skunk Cabbage which love to grow near water.
I do love the Jacks - we have lots of them, though less than other years around our woods. I had some in my garden years ago.
Bee Haven Bev said…
Oops, you are right, Mary!!! I think he Jack in the pulpits are out closer to Mother’s Day.
Marcia LaRue said…
Seriously ... there is nothing NOT to love about this post! To me, daffodils are sunshine you can bring inside -- love them!!
So glad you were able to spend your day in such a special way!
This N That said…
Glad you had a Great Bday..You certainly deserved it...
Love your Daffys..There are so many around here and they certainly brighten up these grey days..
What are the pink flowers??
Happy that your life is perfect..You both work hard to keep it that way..Hugs
Happy April
Rain said…
What a lovely birthday you, nature and pets! :) Nice of your hubby to gift you the day off, despite the weather!! :)
So glad you had a great birthday Bev! So nice of you to keep Griz in his own territory and avoid fights! So happy that you're happy! That's another reason why it's a joy to read your blog. LOVE all those colorful flowers popping up too. Lucky you!
Lynne said…
Loved your post . . . perfect way to spend a birth day!
“Color pops” are happening . . . loving the yellow!
Although seeing the pink was really nice too.
I like Gris following along, keeping an eye on you!
Happy April Days . . .