Play-time, Nap-time, Repeat

I have to tell you... my heart is filled with so much optimism right now. 

 It's a side-effect of late-winter sunshine.  Every day I see more and more evidence that winter is beginning to pack his bags and catch a ride out of here!

Yes, there is still snow on the ground that melts a little more each day.  But, the days are decidedly longer.  The birds are definitely louder.  And vegetation is beginning to awaken.  Everything is as it should be.

We've been patient and rested and planned and schemed for the past several months.  And soon- very soon- we will start bringing all of those dreams and schemes to fruition.  We will dig and plant and weed until our world is once again filled with color and delicious homegrown food.  One of these days, very soon, I will begin to get some early seeds into the ground.  Vegetable seeds that can tolerate the cold will be placed into the warming earth so that the magic can begin.  I am so ready!

It's just about that time, that the fairies return to the farm, and all sorts of magic and mayhem resumes.

Yesterday, as the horses and donkeys were napping in the dry lot, after an exciting morning in the pasture, 

the dogs and I spent a little time picking up the morning's deposits of manure.  The day lily plants are peeking out of the ground...

as are the daffodils.

Very soon, there will be daffodils blooming in the front pasture.

Moments later, everyone was asleep... with Moonie standing guard.  By the looks of his back leg and his lower lip, though, he was also asleep standing up.

Moonie, the one-eyed watchman!

I often speak of how Brown Sammie saves his energy.  Most photos show him catching a ride along in the gator, or sleeping in the sun.  However, yesterday, I was able to catch the other side of Sam.

The side that's ready for fun...

The side that loves to wrestle and play...

Those bouts of energy are explosive, though short-lived.  I assure you, within a half-hour he was out cold in front of the fire!

Friday I gave you the bad news about our Fred turkey.  This post generated a few questions as to whether we are going to get another turkey to keep our Old Tom (one of our original bourbon red turkeys) company.  In my heart, I believe that getting a companion turkey would be a mistake now that Tom is so old.  Turkeys are generally peaceful, but there are times of the year when they get quite competitive.  Because Tom is so old, he would not be able to defend himself against these testosterone-driven bouts of domination.  Also, based on prior experience, adding a female would be just as stressful to the old guy.  I am sure he would feel the need to try and mate.  Female turkeys can be quite strong when they are not in the mood.  I have seen our previous females pin a male down when they are rejecting their advances.... something that Ole Tom really doesn't need.

On the other hand, we feel that all animals are sociable and thrive when they are not alone.  Over the years, Ole Tom has spent his days hanging out in the chicken yard for the most part.  So, what we have decided is this: 

Each morning, we walk Tom over to the chicken yard and close him in the yard with the hens for the day.  There he can visit, and eat, and snack in the company of the girls.  The rooster gives Tom wide berth, so, there are no worries there.  Then each evening, we walk Tom back to his house where he can roost in peace for the night.  The next day... repeat.  It seems to be the best alternative.

Right now, because all of the predators are quite hungry after a long, cold, snowy winter (in which all of the prey has been burrowed away)... we are keeping all of our birds on lockdown for their safety.  This is why we are closing Tom in with the hens.  We have learned our lesson.  Turkeys are no match for a big, hungry hawk.

At eleven years of age, Ole Tom deserves a peaceful, stress-less life.  So, that is our aim.

The only birds that are presently free-ranging are our guinea fowl.

Being the least domesticated of any of our birds, they pretty much come and go at will.

Though, they do seem to have enough sense to find shelter (in the duck house) when the weather is frightful.

The rest of the time, they roost in the maple tree next to the barn and spend their days patrolling the farm and neighbors' yards (it's impossible to train a guinea to stay in their own yard) for bugs and ticks. 

As for our weekend, it was delightful.  I baked bread.

I took advantage of the wonderful solar power for drying my laundry.  And though our house is powered with solar power - right now my dryer is on the fritz.  Truth be told, however, I love laundry dried in the fresh country air!

I finished knitting the blanket I was working on, and jumped back into another knitting work in progress.  Though sunny, it was cold enough that the roaring fire in the fireplace called to me.

We visited a new ice cream/bakery shop in our favorite little town, close by.  It is adorable, and very trendy looking... just what was needed in our little town.

Unfortunately, the owners refuse to wear masks as they serve the public.   I had heard that the gentleman who roasts their coffee is in the hospital with Covid, making this whole mask refusal even crazier.

This distresses me as I know that wearing a mask works - it protects others.  Months ago, after being frustrated by some local businesses' refusal to wear masks to protect their patrons, I made a pledge that I would no longer support these businesses.  I strongly feel that if you cannot do a simple thing like wear a mask to protect your patrons, then I cannot support your business.  It's a hard line, I know.  And believe me, I would rather support a local business than any other.  I LOVE small businesses and local businesses.  I just ask that they love me (and their at-risk patrons) enough in return, that they would do what they can to protect me as well.  It's just not asking that much.  It is the kind thing to do.

Sorry for the rant, but I truly feel that we are all tasked to do whatever it is we can do to help others.  How do you feel about this?


Lisa said…
I'm hoping that winter is packing its bags here also. But in true Nova Scotia fashion we'll be having winter for awhile. I mean we have fall till last month and now that spring should be here, winter is starting.
Bread looks good! Yum! I made my first white bread Saturday. It was good.
I'm amazed that a shop keeper won't wear a mask. Wow.
colleen said…
I wish I could say that spring is as close here as it is with you...but it's coming.
I'm with you 100% on the masks!!! How darn hard is it to put one on and be courteous to others??
Don't get me going lol.
So looking forward to Spring! My daffodils have been up since February but doesn't look like they were bothered by our bouts of snow. I have been seeing tiny little purple flowers showing up all arpund the backyard for a week or so now.
We had to little baby turkey that showed up one day and joined are hens while they were free ranging one day. They started following into the hen's yard and were with them for a while. Them some thing got one of our gens and one turkey teenager. The other was a Tom and stayed with the hen's till he was grown. We have turkeys come through often and I guess he decided one time that he would like being with them better. He didn't roost with the hen's though, he always rooster in the tree near the coop.
I do not buy from from any place that does not wear gloves and mask. Even before this I wanted to see gloves on hands when they were preparing food.
Sorry about the typos in my comment.
daisy g said…
Sounds like a great solution for sweet ole' Tom.

I love when the weather cooperates, and I can hang my clothes out on the back deck. Solar and wind power rule!

I agree with you about the businesses, as I too, will not patronize those that do not protect their customers, especially those most at risk. It looks like a cute shop, what a shame.

Enjoy the sunshine, Bev! The daffs are blooming here. You're next!
Jody in Georgia said…
Spring has sprung here in Georgia....I think! I have a myriad of daffodils blooming in my garden (thanks to the lady who lived here before me and the wonderful gardener who takes care of it). They are all different varieties and I love having my breakfast in the sunroom in their midst each day!

Have a great week and thanks for sharing your life on the farm with us.

jaz@octoberfarm said…
i'm sort of sorry to have to say this but every time i see someone without a mask, i just want to smack them right on their unmasked face. how stupid and selfish can people be?
Marcia LaRue said…
I totally agree with you regarding the masks! I live in a senior residence and a lot of the folks in here don't mask up and they didn't get the vaccine ... avoid them like the plague or the best way you can! Stupid Old Folks ... I'm old too ... but not quite THAT stupid!!
I see trees putting on buds out here ... flowers starting to poke up out of the ground ... before long the trees will be covered with blossoms -- let the sneezing commence!
Glad you had a good weekend ... always love my visit to BHA!!!
This N That said…
You know that I totally agree with the mask think..I am so sick of peoples ignorance and disregard for others..
Sick of it all actually.Wise decision about Tom..hugs
Karen said…
Truly - how HARD is it not to wear a mask? I'm with you - I will NOT support a business (and like you - I like to support small businesses) that refuse to wear a mask - while serving the public! AND - the guy that roasts their coffee has Covid? It is common sense to wear a mask - period. It should be a patriotic thing to do . . .
Cheryl said…
Wearing a mask is the least we can do for one another. I may just wear a mask every winter from now on! No flu, no cold, nothing has happened to me since I have been wearing a mask. If it has worked for me, it has to have worked for others.
I don't run into many situations about masks not being worn, since I am in NY and this state is pretty strict about masking and distancing.
Plus, I have received so many compliments on your masks, especially the first one I bought with birds all over it!
Leslye said…
I am 100% with you about the mask or I should say the lack of! I had to show my 37 year old daughter your clothes line because she likes to tease me that I am the only one that still does that.Nothing makes sheets smell better.
Lynne said…
Bravo . . . I agree totally.
And I “speak up” when noting those who don’t comply.
I have voiced my concerns in person and have had to discontinue visiting certain places.

I am reminded of a chiropractor office where friends of mine who were patients
spoke their concern about “no masks” and discontinued their appointments.
The loss of business for the practice was a wake up call. Masks returned.

I also have reminded people that nose covering is “part of the mask deal!”

Having said the above, I find most people, places have honored the rules.