The Saga Continues

Though on outward appearance, it may seem that most of our days have a certain "sameness" to them, life is never boring here on the farm. 

 Lately, I would welcome a little boring, I think!

We had a lovely, sunny weekend here on the farm.


Everyone enjoyed spending time soaking up the sunshine.  

In a world of grey and brown, a beautiful blue sky is something to celebrate!

Basking in the sun,

and chewing cud.

Moonie had his eyelid stitches removed on Saturday,

and finally after weeks of not being able to be out in the pasture, he was given freedom to roam.

The whole family was happy to be out and about,

in the beautiful morning sun.

Saturday afternoon, Chloe had what we hope will be her last surgery for the sarcoid tumor of her neck.  Dr. Becky sedated her... chin on the ground is the first clue that the sedation was working.

This time, rather than remove just the tumor and close up the wound, Dr. Becky decided to do a wide excision... taking the tumor, surrounding tissues and skin that covered the area.  That gives Chloe the best chance of having all of the tumor cells eradicated.

She has a rather large open area on her neck that Dr. Becky sprayed with some type of aluminum-based spray dressing.  This area will heal over time and should be good as new.  Winter is the best time for this kind of surgery since there are no flies.

Chloe did great after her surgery and acts like nothing ever happened.  Donkeys are such amazing animals.

Let the healing begin!

Sunday, Griz came along with me while I did afternoon chores.  He has a fondness for drinking water out of the goats' bucket.

Apparently someone came a little too close to him...

so, he gave her the appropriate admonishment.

That's Griz!

It looks like most of this week is going to be a repeat of the weekend.  Sunny days with highs in the 40's and 20's at night.

Maybe the last of our snow will finally melt.

This weekend I listed a few Valentine, St. Patty's and Easter face masks in my Etsy shop.... there are a few left if you need any, but they go very quickly.


Marsha said…
Glad everyone is doing better!
jaz@octoberfarm said…
i hope this is the last of the surgery! moonie is as beautiful as ever.
Jeannie said…
The eyes have it---I love the two black cats with their beautiful yellow eyes and the blue-eyed goat (ram?). I'm so glad Moonie and his family got to spend a day outside.
littlemancat said…
So happy Moonie could go out to pasture with his family again. And love Griz's balancing act! All the animals look good and that little donkey girl is a real trooper.
This N That said…
Yes, It was a beautiful weekend..nice to see the sun!!
I'm sure Moonie appreciates his freedom..Glad all is well.
I'm hoping that this is the last for Chloe and that all the bad stuff was removed..Dr Becky has to operate in seemingly uncomfortable positions..Ouch
Cats rule!!!
So glad to see Mooney out and about with everybody. And hope this will be Chloe's last surgery that is needed. You are so blessed with Dr. Becky near by. So fun to see all your pictures. Thanks so much for sharing. You have alot milder temps and weather than we do in the winter. Lucky you!