Extended Summer Here On The Farm

I must tell you - I am enjoying these unseasonably warm days.  Although, if it were just a scooch cooler (sweater weather) I would be in heaven.  Regardless, I find myself spending hours outside, puttering around the garden and hanging out with the animals.  These days will be short-lived, I am sure.  

Yesterday I worked in the garden, doing one last weeding and pulling the skeletal remains of pepper and tomato plants.  Everything that I pull out gets composted at the edge of the woods, so that all of the nutrients return to the earth.  Today I plan on covering my garden boxes with a thick layer of rich compost for the winter... my beloved garden will be tucked in under a thick winter blanket (of poo!).

I am happy to tell you that yesterday was Daphne's last dressing change. 

 The area of her abscess is no longer painful, so I will just coat her hooves with a waterproof liquid (Coppertox) recommended by Dr. Becky.  Daphne has been such a trooper with the whole ordeal.  Thankfully, that chapter has come to a close. 

Yesterday was moving day for the three ducklings (now basically adults).  Hubbs took two of them and I carried one of them (and drove the gator)... as we transported them on our laps up to the barn and into the duck yard with the rest of the runners.  I would have loved to take photos of the ordeal, but I needed all of my hands for the transfer.

As soon as the youngsters saw the flock of elders, they went running over to them.

  All thirteen ducks spent the entire day as one single unit - so I have no worries about this assimilation.  Luckily it is not spring time so I don't need to worry about the girls being abused by the drakes.

While I was out at the barn for afternoon chores, I sat on the stoop of the back door.  Griz immediately hopped onto my lap and Moll cat rubbed herself against my back.  

Annie and Chester sat with me, 

while Beatrix tried her best to get some canine attention. 

For some reason, both black kitties love the dogs and often seek them out for attention.

 The moment held the simplest kind of magic, like most of them do... the earth was still - the only sound was that of horses munching their snack of hay.

  If you need to have your blood pressure lowered.... this just might be the perfect cure!

Don't you just love how some dogs smile?  Chester is one happy boy!

And though it feels a little like summer right now, it is obviously not.  The sun sinks behind the naked woods by mid afternoon and disappears totally at suppertime.  Winter is just around the corner.  It's time to enjoy the coziness that comes with this time of year.


colleen said…
Good morning. Yesterday was a lovely day in Northern Maine, also. We only have 5 chickens and we let them out of their yard to hang out with us as we were out enjoying the warmth of the day.
As you probably already know, I love those runners. I'm happy to see the new ones fit right in with the others.
I bet you and Daphne are both glad the foot soaks are done and they were successful.

I've read your blog for quite some time, Bev, but today I was urged to write my first post to tell you how much I enjoy coming here! You have a beautiful way with words and your farm is beyond awesome. Thank you so much for being part of my day!
Lynne said…
What a wonderful treat to have had these warm November Days!
Thank you Beverly for your words, thoughts, views . . .
Beautiful . . .
This N That said…
Such serenity. You can’t buy that! It would be nice if it could be bottled. Happy the runners we were excepted by the elders. Another beautiful day. Enjoy
Glad Daphne is feeling better!
Marcia LaRue said…
Another beautiful and calming visit to BHA ... the perfect start to any day!