Loving Autumn and Back In Good Graces

We are enjoying Autumn bliss this week.

It's another stellar week of perfect weather,
and beautiful blue skies.

The trees are beginning to turn...

Fields are full of goldenrod.

One of my favorite things to spot in autumn is a patch of purple asters
against the brilliant yellow of the goldenrod.
To me, it's nature's perfect color combination.
Sadly, this year asters seem to be few and far between.
Perhaps it's been too dry?

This fabulous week has been the perfect opportunity for hay farmers
to get in a third cutting.
Nights are warmer and daytime's abundant sunshine and warm breezes
are exactly what is needed to dry hay.
One of our neighbors cuts our hayfield and bales it for his cows.
We have no one who can do square bales for us,
and round bales are too large for us to manage...
so the neighborhood cows eat our hay instead.

If there is ever a hay shortage, I would consider turning our
 hayfields into pasture land.
For now, though, it all works out just fine.

Yesterday morning we got the equines fitted into their grazing muzzles and
walked them up to the upper pastures.

Moonbeam apologized for the previous day's temper tantrum
and happily set about munching.

All is well when everyone is in the upper pasture.
It is definitely their favorite place.

I did a little sewing yesterday... making a couple aprons
that were special orders.

(I do take special orders.)

The lemon balm that I had hung to dry a few weeks ago
was ready to make into tea...

So I picked off all of the leaves and stuck them in a jar.
Lemon Balm makes a soothing herbal tea...
perfect for an evening cup!

I had some orders from the previous day to take to the Post Office,
so we seized the opportunity to go for a bike ride.
The Post Office trip is a 15 mile round trip and it is through
some beautiful countryside....
farms, creeks, woodlands...

I also feel good about the fact that anything that I sell
either gets taken to the Post by bicycle,
or by electric car (powered by our own solar energy).
I am trying to do my part in all that we do...
even my Etsy shop!

Lastly, if you have time,
you might enjoy listening to a podcast that our Amanda produces
(you might remember that she moved to Colorado in March).

In this particular podcast, Amanda is interviewed.
She is quite passionate about the subject of food insecurity
and has made it her mission to stay on the frontlines of this
always relevant subject.


The JR said…
We have our own small hay field for our 7 horses. We do square bales. But on occasion, we've had the neighbor round bale the last cutting for us. You can turn them on their side and unroll them if you have a need.

That's what my horse trainer does too. He round bales. Then they set one in the hall on it's side and he feeds from it.

Diane said…
I have been spotting a few asters among the goldenrod on my walks. It is the perfect color combination.
littlemancat said…
I saw a nearby field with the asters and goldenrod combination - it is wonderful. But agree there seem fewer asters this year.
Love to think of my aprons and facemasks zipping along the back roads to the post office. Perfect!
This N That said…
I have Asters but no Goldenrod thankfully..Amanda is amazing..Great job!! Cute Bee print.Good that Moonie apologized..Sometimes attitude just jumps out there.Love the pumpkins on your fence..Nice entryway...Have a wonderful day..hugs
I always look forward to seeing those pumpkins on your fence every Fall. It looks wonderful. Glad the horses are enjoying that upper pasture. Your lemon balm tea sounds grand...I might have to go scout myself up a cup of tea as soon as I'm done writing to you. Our trees are turning fast now and the colors are bright and beautiful this year! No baby yet?