A Busy Solitary Day

Yesterday was a solitary day on the farm for me.

Hubbs had headed to Pittsburgh early in the morning,
to visit with family - while I stayed behind to tend to the farm.

It's difficult for us both to go away for a day on short notice.

I took full advantage of a rainy day at home and spent a good deal of it

two aprons.

I was lucky in that it didn't rain during chore times.

And it was great for both the dogs and myself to get 
outside for a little exercise.

Gathering eggs is a part of every afternoon's chores.
Trips to the chicken yard are always fun...
chickens are so very comical.

If you ever have the chance to have a small flock of backyard chickens...
do so.
You will never be sorry.
Chickens are amazing animals... with distinct personalities.

Take Elwood, for instance...

he is, hands down, the best rooster we have ever had
(with the exception of our very first... Elvis).
He is very attentive to his flock, and never feels the need
to be aggressive with us humans.
I can't say the same with the majority of roosters that we have had over the years.

Then, there is Betty White...

she is the smallest of our white hens and the first in line 
whenever the snacks arrive.

With her floppy little comb, she comes running
across the yard for each and every hand-out that comes
her way.

Although she is small, she is quite scrappy!

I received a question about our guinea hens yesterday.
Although they rarely get any blog coverage,
they are still alive and well and patrolling the neighborhood.

Our plan is to order some guinea hatchlings next year 
to add to our present flock of nine.

I received a gift in the mail yesterday,
and made a silly video of its un-boxing.
You'll understand why if you watch the video...
I must warn you, I did no preparation for this and very little editing.
It's a come-as-you-are kind of video.

A big thank you to Betty!!!

It's hard to believe that Labor Day Weekend is here.
I imagine our weekend will be like most are these days...
fairly quiet and spent at home, 
with the exception of perhaps a long bike ride.
I hope to bake some bread, a pie and finish up a little more sewing.
I have the sneaking suspicion that I may also be doing a little mowing
now that the rain is through.

Whatever you do with the weekend...
I hope it is a lovely one!
We'll be back Monday with more tales.


Marsha said…

That was one heck of a spider web!
colleen said…
I love the aprons. Are they one size fits all? I'm sure I would need a bigger apron that you wear.
I have never seen a web that big!!!
I'm off to see if I can find a Betty's Best gentle groomer.
Have a great weekend... I think we have some great plans in the making :) xoxoxo
daisy g said…
You are so right about the chooks. I am so glad I took the plunge and started chicken keeping. They are a delight and bring me so much joy.

Will you offer up any aprons for collecting eggs? Sometimes that's just what I need!

May your weekend find you peaceful.
Diane said…
I am amazed at the complete 180 that Grizz has made. Can't believe that is the same cat! That is a very nice gift from Betty. Have a great weekend.
Karla said…
I think you looked great, Bev! We should all look so good after doing chores outside in the rain! LOVED this video, and Griz was certainly entertaining. And he was able to get a little brushing, too! I was wondering if those wipes could go into compost and sure enough, you said that they can! What a lovely and useful gift from Betty; I know you love the natural, ecologically sound products and will use them.
Marcia LaRue said…
What a delightful video ... loved it!
I agree about that humongous spider web ... I have never seen one quite like that!
Enjoy your weekend!
This N That said…
Beautiful pictures of the morning sky..Love the haziness..even though it is caused by a lot of humidity..
Nice to see you back in the apron business..Always pretty .
Did one spider do that web or was it a family affair? It's huge..
Good to know that there re nice Roosters out there..You have had some meanies..
Love your gift...How useful!!
Enjoy your weekend..It's to be a wonderful one..weather wise..Cooler temps are very welcome..Hugs
Ann said…
That spider web looks like it could catch something huge!
Northern AB gal said…
Thanks for the guinea update. Elwood is one handsome dude! I grew up with chickens, they really can be a lot of fun. That spider web has to be some kind of record. Have you seen the spider that spun it?