Simple Pleasures

Perhaps the thing I love most about this life on the farm
is the way subtle changes occur as the seasons progress.
They are things that you might not even notice,
unless you are in tune with the natural world.

Take a moment, slow down, and walk hand in hand
with Mother Nature, and you will notice the subtle changes as well.

For instance... have you noticed that the birds have stopped singing
during the day?
Birdsongs are saved for sun-up and sun-down.
Aside from the strident hum of a lone cicada,
or the occasional "caw" of a crow,
my world is silent during the day....
as silent as butterfly wings.

The volume has been raised on the night time soundtrack...
with crickets chirping and katydids calling and answering each other.
The past few nights, whistling winds have woven themselves
 into the night time symphony as well.

Butterflies are plentiful now as the second half of summer begins.
Every flower is touched as butterflies
silently flit and float from blossom to blossom
drinking sweet nectar.

We had a lovely, quiet weekend here on the farm...
filled with simple pleasures.

Friday morning we awoke to a damp world.
Finally, after weeks of drought, we received a most needed ¾ of an inch of rain.

Friday night after dark, we headed out to the big field next to our barn
to watch for the International Space Station to fly overhead.
With the moon and clouds behind us (to the west),

we faced a clear sky to the east and saw this shiny object
 quickly cross the night sky.
It looked like a fast moving star and was gone in a matter of minutes.
So cool!
(seen in the following photo in the center, ⅓ rd of the way down....)

Saturday, I spent much of the day finishing a pile of face masks.
I have a new quality control department that has assured me that every
one of this batch is perfect!  Phew!

{Etsy shop}

Feeling like my muscles were going to atrophy from chaining myself to the sewing
machine, we decided to get some exercise late in the afternoon and rode
our bikes to the grocery store for a few necessities.

On the way home, I picked a large handful of basil from the garden,
and made a fresh pesto for pasta for supper.
Pesto is so easy and so delicious!

Tomatoes have finally begun to ripen.

Saturday evening we took the dogs and hiked over to the woods
to pick blackberries.

The funny thing about this was the fact that Griz decided to hike along with us.

He kept up with us the whole way over to the woods.
Then on the way home, he began to play a game with us.

He would hang back and let us get way ahead of him,
and then he would run as fast as he could, catch up to us, and then pass us...
as if he was racing with us.
What a funny little cat!

He did it over and over again... so funny!

Sunday, I found myself back in the sewing room for the morning,
putting  finishing touches on 118 face masks and listing
them all in my Etsy shop...
then mowing weeds. 
(The grass is very brown and crunchy, but somehow the weeds just keep growing).

Most of the animals stayed under roof during the days...
we are still in the midst of a heatwave.

This happy little horse family...
all crowded into the same space.
There are two stalls with fans,
the front porch area of the barn, with a fan,
and two run-in sheds available to them.
Rather than make use of all of those spaces,
they all crowd into one stall together.

It's been wonderful to have time off from farm chores,
while still being home and able to enjoy all of our critters.
The farm is a perfect place to vacation!

This week we will continue to take some time off from farm chores
and also will be spending time with our grandchildren here at the farm...
a perfect vacation!!

You may have noticed that I have done a handful 
of YouTube videos lately.
I truly enjoy making and editing videos,
and was wondering if there is anything that you might enjoy in a video.
Please let me know in the comments....
I love a challenge!


Griz is my favourite cat on the internet!
colleen said…
You DO have the perfect vacation spot. The butterflies are just gorgeous on the beautiful plants. Those silly horses!! That was a lot of work in the sewing room. My granddaughter and her cousin start school this year and I want to make them some masks and would like to make extras for their classrooms. It just seems bizarre to write that...crazy world. Enjoy your "vacation".
Marsha said…
Hope you have a great week with the staycation!
Unknown said…
Would the farrier mind you taking some video of him working? Would be interesting seeing the process as a person that has never had horses. I understand their great value and it really seems like an important part of equine health. Lisa G in TN
Carolyn said…
I feel like your pictures and captions transport me to your farm to enjoy all that you share. Shared your pictures with my husband as we drink our morning coffee. So gorgeous...

The two masks that I purchased from you are so well made. My granddaughter will enjoy. Thanks!
I love your videos! Due to health problems, I was unable to put in a garden this year and I would love to see videos of you harvesting your gardens. They look beautiful. Also maybe some kitchen videos of things you fix with your harvest.

Gotta Love Grizz.
This N That said…
Great Butterfly pics..I almost never see them and when I do, my camera is elsewhere..Glad you got some rain..I'm counting on tonight and tomorrow..Great shot of the Space Station..Too many trees here..
Love the masks..
Griz is a great cat..So glad he found you..
Enjoy the rest of your staycation...Sounds like it will be busy..xoxo
Jeannie said…
Such beautiful pictures of your flowers and butterflies. Griz is the best! Not knowing a thing about horses, I am curious as to why they are all hunkering down together inside. Is it the outdoor heat they are escaping? How will you prepare for the visit with your grandchildren? We are trying to figure out how to safely visit ours in Florida. We have our own place to stay but when we get together I guess it will be social distancing and masks. Hard to explain that to an 18-month old!
Lisa said…
We are still waiting for rain. We were supposed to get a hurricane but it's going to pass us by. Dang.
You have the perfect stay cation. Griz is so cute. Cats have such personalities.
Judy said…
I would love to see a video of that really old building on your property. I only just discovered your blog a few months ago (a bright spot in the middle of the quarantine) and I have no idea of the history behind it or what's in it. I've been real curious about it.
Can you make some more doggie footprint masks. Those were so cute but they are sold out and I didn't get one. Thanks.
Anonymous said…
Hi Bev, can you make a slo-motion video of the activity at your hummingbird feeder? Thanks, Kathy
Lynne said…
Love What Debra said above . . . I love Griz too . . .
Another Children's Story!
Happy fun, relaxing week Bev . . .