I'll Bet You Never....

I will make a bet with you that I did something this weekend 
that you did not do - and may never have done!

But first... a little background information.
(I know, the suspense is killing you!)

I mentioned a few weeks ago that we inherited seven hens
from a friend who was moving out of state and who
could not take her beloved hens with her.

These seven hens have made the transition to their new home
with no issues... at least not any for them.
As for our other chickens... well, that might be a different story
(if you happen to query them.)

You see, the new gals, The Russians, as we call them-
(their first human Momma was of Russian descent and she
spoke fluent Russian with them)
(I'm not sure these gals are bilingual) -
well, these new gals have claimed the uppermost chicken house as their own
and do their best to keep the other chickens
from laying eggs in that house.

They do allow the others to come back and roost at night,
but not to lay eggs during the day.
During the daytime hours, 
they stay just outside the chicken house door,
guarding the door.

They are very gentle chickens with respect to humans,
and I have been able to pick them up and handle them.

I had noticed that they had some very gnarly looking toenails
(talons?) that were desperately in need of trimming.

So, this weekend, the Russians got pedicures.

I'll bet you've never clipped the toenails of a chicken!
Or have you?

So far this summer we have been very lucky with respect to insects.
Oh, I have gotten my usual case of chiggers, as has Hubbs,
from picking berries.
But flies and gnats have been minimal so far... knock on wood!

It's been a pleasant summer for the equines.
Grazing at night, when it is cool and bug-less...
then sleeping during the day in front of our three barn fans
keeps them cool and comfortable.

We do still use fly masks... just in case.

Even though the flies are fewer, they always seem to zero in on the eyes...
so fly masks prevent that.
And yes, they can see through them just fine...
like looking through a screen.

Bugging isn't necessarily an insect thing, however.

This equine family is great at bugging each other.

We had a quiet, slow weekend here on the farm.
Hubbs and I are still getting over a respiratory virus,
so we kept the wild and crazy activities to a minimum.
Thanks for all of the well-wishes last week.
We trimmed a few trees of dead branches that were threatening to fall on
animal friends or structures, picked blueberries,
baked and cooked,
did animal chores,
trimmed chicken toenails,
picked more blueberries... you get the picture.

I've been cutting the red amaranth and hanging it to dry
in the "dark" window of Maven Haven
(no sunlight comes through this window as it faces north and the woods.)

This lovely shade of maroon will be perfect for winter 
dried flower arrangements.
And if there's one time of the year that we need color -
it's winter!

I am so happy with these annuals that I started last winter
in the greenhouse.
I believe they will be a yearly addition to my garden!


Louise Stopford said…
Hi Bev. I actually have trimmed the toe nails on one of my chickens - Violet. I noticed they were getting a bit too long and with the help of husband holding I gently clipped the ends off - successfully!! Never had to do this before as they usually wear them down themselves. So glad the new girls have settled although being a bit territorial. You might need to learn a few words of Russian to make them feel at home. Maven Haven looks adorable, as always. So glad you are getting over your viruses - it;s so worrying to be ill with all that is going on in the world presently.
Lisa said…
Actually I have trimmed chicken nails and goat nails, cat nails and dog nails. I'm glad you guys are recuperating. Make sure to veg and take it easy for a bit. Here in Nova Scotia you have to get the Covid test if you have the least bit of symptoms. We were Covid free for 20 some days and then they let some migrant workers in and some one from the US in and now we have 3. Ugh. But we haven't had any new cases in 3 days.

Get well soon!
colleen said…
Of all the chickens we've had we've never had a toenail problem....but then again I've never check to see if they need cutting. I bet I will check them out on the next trip to the coop.:)
Marsha said…
Yes i have trimmed chicken toenails but I have never seen any that long!!!
Carolyn said…
I have so enjoyed reading your blog, especially the one today! Have chickens living across the road from us. Will have to ask the owner if they trim nails!
Jeannie said…
You're right, I have never trimmed a chicken's nails. How do you keep them from pecking you as you do that? I love the look of the amaranth in the Maven Haven. We have many bugs trying to come inside during this horrible Texas heat. I stepped on a scorpion on Saturday and there was a millipede in my bathtub on Sunday. This morning I awoke to find a poor gecko under my writing desk, trussed up by a spider to be eaten at a later date.
This N That said…
No, I never and chances are pretty good that I never will..They sure needed it..I'll bet they feel better..They must not have gotten around very much..Funny that they have taken over the chicken house..
We still have a lot of gnats...The Amaranth will look nice for fall and Christmas..Have a good week..hugs
Anonymous said…
Where do your "original" chickens lay their eggs now, since the newcomers have claimed the chicken house? Will you need to add another chicken house? Will the "Russians" eventually allow your chickens in to lay eggs? Lots of questions. :)
UplayOnline said…
Have chickens living across the road from us. Will have to ask the owner if they trim nails!
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