On Growing Horns and Saving Days

There are days I wish I could bottle,
and place on a shelf in the closet for safekeeping -
so that on a grey, cold day when I need it the most,
I could uncork the bottle and let this escape...

There are times that I think a set of horns would come in 
very handy!

But, of course, horns are out of the question;
and holding on to any given day is impossible.

The next best thing I can do is to try and capture the essence of 
every given day in photographs and words,
and etch a lasting impression within my memory.

I have found that focussing on gratitude for the wonders of each
day is a good exercise in committing that day to memory.
When I not only observe the gifts of a day,
 but silently speak the words of appreciation,
the day becomes tangible and lasting.

There is much we are missing in this new normal world.
Our task is to focus on what is in front of us and be grateful.

I've had a lot of fun lately watching the birds as they go about their
lives, once again able to free range (fox-free... we keep our fingers crossed).

The ducks seem to have become more of a cohesive group,
and yet, the five elders stay together (on the right),
and the seven youngsters do the same (on the left).
Their days are busy, busy, busy... so much work to do.
They chatter to each other as they run through the pastures
searching for insects.

The chickens are happiest when they have their freedom...
spending their days in small groups,
searching for tasty bugs as they catch up on the latest gossip.
Elwood, our rooster, spends his time running from group to group,
trying to keep an eye on all of his girls.
 He is one of the best roosters we have had.

Besides being dashingly handsome,
he is very attentive to his girls...
making sure they are aware when there is something tasty available.

These sunny cool days will soon come to and end,
and heat and humidity will move in for the summer.

We are all enjoying the present conditions immensely...
working hard, playing hard,
and taking a little time each day to read and reflect.

Having a small, peaceful space expressly for this purpose
has been wonderful.
It has forced me to slow down each day... 
even for just a half hour.
I wish we could visit together, here, in person...
what fun that would be!


Louise Stopford said…
As usual Bev what a wonderful way you have in explaining and describing things. You make the everyday into something remarkable and truly amazing. You give focus and prospective in days that are sometimes so dark. Your writing and posting inspires me and relaxes me and in this mad world that is something that I am grateful for - so, once again, thank you Bev for sharing with us your beautiful farm and wonderful animals.
Lisa said…
Beautiful photos. I love your ducks. It would be great to visit your love farm.
Tracy Chadfield said…
Hi there, I can relate to this post so much. I lost my nana on Friday night after having a day of a strange calm feeling. I've since been making sure I stop and smell the coffee and it is such a lovely feeling. I love your photos, the goats are amazing. Are they milk goats? Aren't ducks great, I love to watch ours. The chickens here are a little rough with them sometimes! Stay safe and thank you for sharing
Anonymous said…
Beautiful photos as usual. Love the ducks!!
littlemancat said…
Thank you for this oasis of beauty and peace. All the photos have been awesome, to use a word sometimes overused, but yesterday's blue sky and the one today of the bee in the blue flowers - oh wow!
Marcia LaRue said…
Hi Bev ... I wonder if you have ever considered having a group meeting, using Zoom or even Messenger ... doing a group video chat with those who would like to come "visit" you in your little Maven Haven.
Some of the other blogs I read, people are having coffee or lunch, one gentleman in Wales gets together with the Choir on Zoom ... there are so many possibilities if you or anyone in here would want to do something like that!
Personally, I do video chats with my son and his family in California. Since I am in S. CO ... just makes it such a nice way to stay in touch that is more personal then just a phone call.
You know I love visiting the Haven and your blog ... always a nice walk in the country without ever leaving my apartment!
This N That said…
Yes indeed..These past few days couldn't have been lovelier if I had custom ordered them..Perfect..Not looking forward to what's coming...How did you get down to just one Rooster? He is handsome indeed..
Lovely pictures!! xoxo
Love how our animals make everything 'normal'. They have no idea of the troubles in the world....as long as their food is on time. They are relaxing and entertaining. Looks like you caught San at the beginning of a yawn. Have a blessed day. Patty McDonald
Hello, you have been an inspiration for me. I’m in Maine and decided to start a blog about our farming projects, so I googled farming blogs and yours was highly rated. I’m so glad I found it. I have enjoyed coming back and reading your stories and viewing your photographs; well done. I also love South Jersey, spend a week every summer in Avalon visiting my grandparents... the Cape May county zoo is wonderful, lots of beautiful foliage and opportunity for good pictures. God bless you and your farm, Angela.