Minerva Returns

I am a firm believer that animals, just like people,
need socialization and relationships in order to thrive.
It is this reason that our little ark, here, is filled two by two (or more).

What has been surprising over the years is how
cross-species relationships develop...
especially when animals live in what they feel is a safe environment.
It seems that when they are secure in an environment free of predators,
they feel free to interact with those around them.
Yesterday, on one of my trips out to the animals,
I found this peaceful scene:
O'Malley was lying inside her yard next to the gate.

On the other side of the gate was Tom Turkey lying there, parallel with her.
Sadly, my arrival ended their peaceful interchange, 
with Tom getting up and walking away.

Animals never cease to amaze me!

After much anticipation, Minerva has returned to us.
And boy does she look good!

She's been working in this garden every summer since 2009.
Each winter she heads "down under" to spend the
Southern Hemisphere summer with another family.

Each summer when she returns, it's always a surprise to 
see what she looks like.
If you've been visiting the farm here over the years,
you know that Minerva changes her looks every year.
She's grown her hair long and dyed it back to her natural color.

Like the rest of us, she has had to deal with some of
the changes that come with age.
She's taken to wearing a scarf to hide a tiny bit of sagging neck skin.
And for the first time, she is wearing glasses so that she can
read the fine print on the seed packets.

In spite of those things, she is still in great shape and ready for 
a summer of working hard.

We had some severe thunderstorms move through yesterday morning,
which gave all of our growing things a good drink,
and allowed me to cross watering off of the to-do list.

There is something about a good storm that brings the wildlife
out of hiding...

like this:

(I know, you hate snakes!)

and this:

After the storms had washed everything clean,
the sun came back out, giving us another spectacular day.

One of my favorite "trees" on the farm is this wisteria vine.
We planted it on a wooden post and it has become a wonderful,
lush, free-standing tree.
It takes a little pruning to keep the shape,
and I mow off the ground suckers with the lawnmower.

It's just beginning to bloom...

I know Wisteria can grow a little bit crazy and become quite invasive,
but I just love these purple blooms!

Lastly, here is a photo of the linen pinafore that I finished on Tuesday.
This might be my favorite yet.

Don't even ask me what Hubbs did to make me laugh so hard.
Seriously, don't ask!
(He knows I am not good at the fake smile thing,
so he always does something outrageous to make me laugh.)
I mean it... don't ask... my lips are sealed.

Marcia... I loved your idea of having a "Zoom" tea party 
in Maven Haven.
Sadly, there is no electricity there and no WiFi signal.
My phone has a signal, but not strong
enough to support a zoom conference.
I can do video there, with my camera...
but not "live".


colleen said…
Welcome back Minerva. You look GREAT!! I think I will spend this coming winter down under and see if I come back all spruced up :). Love the new linen pinafore. Please do tell what was so funny :)
Lisa said…
I love snakes so keep posting them. We haven't had much rain so I watered the garden and then it rained the next day! I also love the pinafore. I need to dress like that. Looks sweet and comfy.
daisy g said…
Welcome back Minerva! You're looking ravishing, my dear. Seems that you and Bev have a similar wardrobe!

Unknown said…
Welcome back Minerva, may you have a peaceful summer on the farm. Make sure the glasses dont have glass...the sun at just the right angle can actually start a fire...dont want to scorch that pretty face! Lisa G in TN.
jaz@octoberfarm said…
i think minerva looks the best she ever has. i guess she is back to her natural hair color because of quarantine!
Junebug said…
Welcome home Minerva! Your sister just return home to Oregon also. She's out shopping for a new wardrobe, so told me next week she will be ready to go. Love the new pinafore wished I could wear them. Too short!! Oh Hubb, what did you say or do!
Minerva looks great. Very stately. I do love her hair.
Aw come on. Tell us what Hubbs did. Please?
Marcia LaRue said…
I figured with all you have done at the Maven Haven that you would surely have WiFi available! However, on 2nd thought ... you do have wall sconces and that point to the fact there is no electricity to the building!
Oh well ... was just a suggestion!
Love the pinafore, as well, and Minerva wears hers as well as you wear yours!
Hugs from S. CO.
Can you provide a tutorial for Minerva?
I am having issues with birds pecking at my tomatoes and ruining them.
Minerva's looking good, DAMN good!
This N That said…
Yes indeed..interaction and socialization are important..Having had very little of either lately, I miss it..I'll bet Minerva is happy to be back on the farm....She looks great! Love the hair..Her neck is too long to have any sagging skin..LOL Your Wisteria is amazing..Never saw one that was free standing..This one really has no choice.....well..Love the pinafore...xxoo
Lynne said…
Welcome back Minerva . . .
Looking fancy with your new braids and gardening duds.
Keep a good eye on things for everyone!

Love seeing your animals calm in the sunshine, intermingling.
Animals, plants too, can teach us a bunch about being with, mixing with one another.
Love that initial picture!