Farewell Spring

Just like that,
our seasonal guest packs her bags,
taking her fickle weather patterns with her.

After taking three months to rest and recharge,
she will take her renewing energy into the Southern Hemisphere,
where she will work her magic.

She graciously moves aside, so that Summer can arrive tomorrow.
It's hard to believe that Spring is finished,
after what felt like such a late arrival.

It was a beautiful spring... filled with the color that we so desperately needed.

Summer's color will be even more spectacular.

And it's Summer's arrival we need at this time...
bringing with her plenty of warm sunshine to ripen the fruit
that Spring has prepared.

As for us... it looks like Summer will be bringing a bumper crop
of berries.
The blueberries are beginning to ripen.

I've already tasted some of the red raspberries,
and there are plenty more to come.
The blackberry canes are loaded as well.

I see some Brambleberry jam in the near future,
and pies from frozen berries in the wintertime.

We had a lovely week, here, on the farm.
The weather has been perfect.
A shower yesterday morning gave all growing things the drink
they longed for and saved us from having to water.

The animals are all happy and comfortable as the temperatures
have been mild.

We've enjoyed spending time outdoors... riding our bikes and exploring
quiet country roads.

The weekend ahead is going to be relatively quiet.
A friend is visiting on Saturday...
to leave her beloved hens in our care.
She is moving and cannot take them with her.

We'll celebrate Summer's arrival on Saturday,
and Father's Day on Sunday.
It is my hope that both of those days are pleasant for you as well!

We will be back Monday with tales from our weekend.

Until then...
I hope you enjoy our last little bit of Spring
on the farm:


colleen said…
Such a peaceful video. Have a wonderful weekend and see you on Monday. xoxoxox
jaz@octoberfarm said…
such a wonderful video and look at those gardens! you live in perfect tranquility!
daisy g said…
What a beautiful and tranquil video. Hope Hubbs enjoys his Father's Day.
Bee well...
Marcia LaRue said…
I LOVE seeing your heavenly Haven through the lens of the drone ... makes me feel like I am flying over your beautiful countryside ... and I am afraid of flying! LOL
Thank you so much for sharing so much with us! 💖
littlemancat said…
Loved the video! And welcome to the new hens - hope they settle in well. They couldn't come to a nicer new home. But my favorite of this post is the beautiful photography of your thistle and butterfly pics. I have been lucky to get a few sometimes, but it's not easy "catching" them on camera.
This N That said…
I kind of like the fickle weather patterns..Gives us a break from the heat and humidity that we are about to be wrapped up in...Beautiful video...Have a wonderful weekend and Happy Fathers day to Hubs!!! Happy Summer to you both..xxoo
Your videos are great. I must say, Minerva is especially fetching this year.
Lynne said…
Beautiful space, video,
Love all the green . ..
the hurry, scurry of some of the animals, slow stride of some of the others.
Thank you for the peacefulness . . .