Spring In Our Step

There is nothing better than a blue-skied, sunny, spring morning.

Yesterday, though terribly windy, was spectacularly sunny.
A sunny morning puts a little spring into everyone's step.
Here is just a short video to illustrate...

[link to video if needed]

Can you believe how green the grass has gotten?

After months of being surrounded by a monochromatic landscape,
I am so energized to be outside surrounded by all of this green!

The ground is finally drying out...

enough that Jack started some of the mowing yesterday.

He mowed my garden,
while I finished weeding my garden boxes.
All of the raised beds are now ready to be planted.

I had a question yesterday about the tomato plants in my greenhouse.
Yes, some of the trays have some "twins".
I will just allow those twins to grow together,
and will stake them up together when planting.
I've done this in the past with tomatoes from the greenhouse,
and have had no problems.

I did, however, replant the tomatoes into much larger pots.
This way, they can continue to grow in the greenhouse
until it is warm enough to plant them outside.
I may end up with an early crop of tomatoes as a result.

While I was in the garden weeding,
Tom turkey came down to visit.

You may have read earlier this week
that Tom seemed under the weather.
Happily, as of yesterday, he was back to his perky old self.

When the weeding was done, we brought the horses back in from
the pastures.
Moonie is up to his usual tricks...
insisting he can make his way back to the barn all by himself.

And so he does...

and right into his stall.
He only stays in his stall until he has eaten his
vitamin supplement... then back out into the dry lot with the others he goes.

He's a good old boy.
In actuality, though, the worst thing that could happen
to him would be to be separated from his herd.
So, he happily returns to the barn and the company of family.

Here we are at the end of another week.
I hope you weathered this week of social distancing.
And I hope you are well.

 I plan to fill my weekend with adventures here on the farm.
We'll be back to share them with you on Monday.
Til then... be safe.
Hugs from the farm!t


colleen said…
All that green makes me so envious. We are getting rain which will help our snow go.... that's a positive thought. Due to poor health I missed all of last summer. Once this snow is gone I'm going to act just like Ollie :). Thanks so much for sharing info about tomatoes. Happy to hear Tom is feeling better.
I'll be here to see you Monday morning. xxxxx
Unknown said…
You are always a bright spot to our morning! Lisa G in TN
jaz@octoberfarm said…
i will be kicking myself this whole year that i didn't start plants. this is the first time in many years and what a mistake! i just ordered seeds because the ones i planted did not grow!
Marcia LaRue said…
:( I got up to snow [and snowing] here in S. Colorado this morning!
Enjoy your weekend ... stay safe and stay well!
This N That said…
I love seeing your herd kick up their heels..So liberating..Beautiful but windy...Hope to get out in the yard a bit this weekend..Your garden looks "ready".I broke down and got two Gerbera Daisies yesterday..Moonie is his own person!! (horse)..Have a fun weekend..
Glad that Tom is getting his second wind!
Glad your Tom perked up. He is so beautiful. What better way to spend your days than on the farm. I know it is a ton of work but when you enjoy the process it never seems like work. We are in our 70's and still on property. No longer have cows, horses, or pigs but loved having them all when we were younger. We are down to 2 dogs, a few chickens, and small garden. We still love taking care of them. Have a blessed day. Patty McDonald
Hi Bev,
Your post brings a calm to my heart. Such beauty on your farm, and looks like all your animals are happy. Loved the video. Would like your permission to paint one of them.

I hope you and family are all well. We are healthy here at home.
Enjoy your weekend.
Lynne said…
And overnight it seems . . .
things turn green . . .
Looking healthy and lush Beverly!
Thank you Bev! Stay well. Blessings to you and yours.