The Face of Hope

Hope has many faces, for sure.
This Hope, however, has only one face.
Though with sheep it's hard to tell....I'd like to think it is a happy face.

Yesterday, amidst the muck and mire of a rainy day
(we've had precipitation every day for the past 5 days at least)

the sheep were happy to have room service.

They stayed inside their houses, happily munching as raindrops fell from
dense gray clouds.

It's days like this that are best weathered with a heart full of hope.
Hope is so important to our happiness.
It's what carries us through the dark times.
There is no month in which hope is needed more than February.

Having a heart full of hope not only buoys us through the rough water,
but also helps us to visualize and actualize the distant shoreline... the future.
Hope keeps us on the right path towards that which we desire.

It's during this shortest month, which can feel like the longest,
that my heart is full of hope for sunny days, for dry ground, for warm breezes,
for new growth... for Spring in all her glory.

And from this hope, grows strong optimism, as I am greeted 
by tiny seedlings emerging in the greenhouse.

In the next week or two I will be starting some of my summer flowers,
followed thereafter by vegetables.
I have a timeline to keep me organized for starting seeds at the right times... 
month by month...
beginning first in the greenhouse and then transitioning to directly sowing
seeds into the garden...
followed by transplanting of seedlings and final sowing into the ground.
From this point out, gardening will be a part of every week.
Hope will be replaced by optimism,
and shortly thereafter by anticipation.

Sowing seeds of hope with a grateful heart is the best way to
cultivate a bountiful garden and a life of beauty...
even without a square foot of soil!

And although it is still so early, if you look around outside,
you will see some young buds that are starting to form.

Yesterday was a rainy day... a quiet day (as I remained without an audible voice.)
I received the best reminder of the power of hope and optimism
from a dear friend...

a Valentine treat:
seeds to start in the greenhouse... both for beautiful flowers and yummy produce,
and yummy, chocolaty seeds for consumption.
There is nothing in the world filled with more hope than a tiny seed.
A tiny speck of possibility that merely hopes for soft soil, gentle rain,
and the warmth of the sun.
A tiny speck of potential that gifts us months of nutrition...
for our bodies and our souls.
And that, in itself, is one of life's many tiny miracles...
 realized with a little shred of hope!

This is also the face of hope...

hoping each time I pass that there will be Ritz cracker treats!!
Somehow these gals have managed to actualize that for which they hope!


Daisy, you asked yesterday how I deal with illness, being a nurse and leaning towards
natural practices.
 I have always realized the power of prevention... in as far as is possible.
I tried to live life moderately, while avoiding those things that I know are certain health risks... like smoking, (I never even tried it!) hydrogenated fats, artificial sweeteners, etc.

I try to eat well and get plenty of sleep.  I know that being on a schedule is helpful to my
wellbeing, so I try to maintain that.

I am not one to run to the doctor with illnesses or aches and pains.  Normally,
I give everything a good dose of time before I seek help.  I have found, over the years,
that most of the time, symptoms resolve and life goes on.  I suppose being a nurse gives me the understanding to know for what and when it is prudent to seek medical attention.

Personally, I am not a fan of antibiotics except in cases of life-threatening bacterial infections.
For too long, they have been over-prescribed... leading to the rise of
antibiotic-resistant superbugs.
(Please do not think I am giving any advice here... just telling you my own thoughts.)

I do have a yearly check of things like blood sugar, cholesterol, etc.
And I get routine mammograms and colonoscopies.
A big part of prevention is early detection.

I am not a vitamin taker, but I do take a vitamin D supplement in the winter time.
In the summer I make enough vitamin D by being outdoors.
I prefer to get my vitamins from the foods that I eat.
I avoid soda pop and diet sodas.
(I don't like the concentrated sugars, or the artificial sweeteners,
and the phosphoric acid in many sodas blocks the body's ability to absorb calcium.)
I drink an occasional cocktail, or beer or wine, but rarely more than one.
Health is extremely important to me... it's at the top of my priorities,
and luckily, lifestyle and genetics have served me well, so far.
I could do entire blog posts on diet and exercise as they are so very important to health...
but I'll stop for now.


Louise Stopford said…
Hope is very important to see us through the darker days. Here in the UK over the weekend we have had very bad storms with torrential rain, wind, hail. I feel sorry for those people that have had their homes and business ruined with all the flooding that is taking place right now. I am therefore hoping for a calmer, drier time for everyone and am awaiting Spring with great anticipation.
colleen said…
I really enjoy hearing your insight on health and diet. Thanks as always for all you share. xxxx
"An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure" -- the old saying is very true!
Marsha said…
I would love to hear more about your diet and exercise plans!
daisy g said…
We are under the same weather system. Rain, rain, and more rain. Not complaining, as there is nothing I like better than sitting home with a good book and listening to the pitter-patter. I guess it helps that we live up on a hill too. ;0D

Thank you for answering my query. We share similar ideas about taking care of our health.
What could be more important?

Hope is ever present!
Cheryl said…
I think I need to get a ne green house and start planting seeds agian . I need a spring project to gt me outside. Leoties rose garden will be able to start soon and I'm sure that will make me very happy and close to her.