Rainy Days and Tuesdays

Yesterday morning there was no need to check with the sheep 
for the weather report.
I could see teeny-tiny droplets of water in the air by the light of my headlamp.
The moisture was hanging in the air as it does at the beginning and the end of a period of rain.

I knew it could go either way.
I hoped it would end up a cloudy day.

By the end of morning chores, the day had declared itself.
100% chance of rain... again.

Rather than moan about the mud, I choose to recognize the good
that this soft, constant rain will do for the water table.

As Hubbs and I were discussing yesterday...
we often visualize the water table beneath the ground as a big 
underground lake of water,
when in essence, it is just water that seeps down between the cracks and crevasses 
of the rock layers beneath the soil.
For those of us who depend upon well water, 
it is good to remember that it isn't an un-ending supply,
but, rather, is subject to the whims of weather.. just as we are.

With this in mind, I will always welcome a rainy day.

As will the ducks!

Over the past week or so, we have been getting glimpses of a stray
(perhaps a drop-off)
tabby cat.

We've mistaken her for Ivy at times, and also wondered if she
were Moll Flanders straying far from the barn (totally out of character).

The first sighting was in the duck hut by the pond,
so we put a dish of cat food there, in case it was a stray.

Yesterday morning we found her in the barn.
She looks very much like Moll, with one main difference.
Her left eyelid is a little droopy.
 She appears to be healthy, and is not skinny.

It's now officially confirmed - we have a new face in the barn.
Whether or not she stays remains to be seen.
I offered her some canned cat food yesterday morning,
but she wouldn't come down from the rafters.

Not that I can blame her, as last week when we found her in the driveway,
Annie chased her up a tree.

(It takes a while for Annie to befriend a new kitty.)

It's going to take some time for this kitty to get to know us
and trust us.
(And, I call her "she", but she just might be a "he".)
Food will help.  Time will help.  
It's up to her.
I'll keep you posted.

One of my favorite winter pastimes is to watch and photograph the traffic at our bird feeders, 

and in the trees surrounding the front porch.

Yesterday, Hubbs noticed this bird at the feeder.
It's one we had never seen here before.

It was different than the usual woodpeckers who frequent our feeders.
We routinely have downy woodpeckers, like this female...

and red-bellied woodpeckers...

A little research revealed it to be a Yellow Bellied Sapsucker.

You can better see the yellow feathers on his chest in this photo...

Lastly, I wanted to share a little something from yesterday's comments...
a little Dee Hartman original...

They're out of luck
Those neighbor's ducks
who need another home, 
'Cause there's no extra place to live;
They'd simply have to roam.
Conditions would be crowded
(With poop just everywhere!)
So if someone would take them,
'N provide some needed care,
Touch base: Bee Haven Acres
To get the Info there

Thanks Dee!!


colleen said…
Isn't it easy to spot a different bird at the feeder? They stick out like a sore thumb. I see another friendly new kitty in your future :)
Just wondering if the dogs cooperate in cleaning off their feet after they have been in the mud and before they come in the house. When I was young, our dog hated having his feet cleaned.
This N That said…
It's nice to see the sun today for sure..It's been a bit gloomy..more to come , I understand..Pretty new kitty..I'm sure it won't be long before it becomes part of the BHA family..Nice bird shots!!Love Dees' poem..
Have a wonderful day..xxoo
That is one chubby woodpecker. Insects must be plentiful!
jaz@octoberfarm said…
that yellow bellied sap sucker probably flew up from DC.
Dee J. Hartman said…
Yes, we should all be thankful for rain
No need to ever complain! <^;