Ready For A Quiet Week!

Some weekends need to be followed up by a very quiet week...
and this past weekend would have been one of those.

We started the weekend with a lovely Friday on the farm.

The sun shone; although the cold weather continued.

Friday evening we had a visit from friends.
They were heading up to State College on Saturday for the big game,
and spent the night with us.

Then Saturday morning, before anyone else was awake,
I left the farm for a Girl's Adventure Day.

In New York City.

The holidays are magical in the city!

I had gotten tickets for our girls to see a new Broadway Show,

Jagged Little Pill... featuring the music of songwriter, Alanis Morissette.
The show was absolutely wonderful - we all loved it!

I arrived home Saturday night just in time to hop in bed,
get a good night's sleep, and wake up to do Sunday morning chores.
This is what we found when we reached the barn Sunday morning.

Yes, that's right... those are two donkeys running by the front of the barn.

When they saw me, they took off running down the driveway....

(I could hear them muttering, "Mom's gonna be so mad!")

They made the turn on the opposite side of the barn, by the duck yard,

and headed right back into their dry lot.
Bad donkeys!

(Someone else may have been in the doghouse as well...
but we won't talk about that.)
Luckily, I can claim complete innocence, since I was in a neighboring state 
the previous day.

No harm done... the incident gets filed in the "S*%+  happens" file.
I'm telling you, though...
our equines are masters at the perimeter check.
They always survey the area for any potential escapes.
You'd think they have an awful life.

Nah, just a mom who won't let them eat themselves into oblivion.

After rounding up the donkeys and completing morning chores,
we drove down to the city to watch Tyler in a swim meet.
It was an invitational meet and he swam three events.
We were able to catch two of them.
Tyler just began swimming competitively this past summer
and has improved so much!
His Grammie is very proud.

By the time afternoon rolled around, we were back home
and ready for some serious relaxation.

There's nothing cozier than a roaring fire!
However, I did tear myself away long enough to finish this soft, linen top...

the pocket of which I had hand-stitched earlier in the week.

I've listed it in my Etsy shop.
(I've started another with a different pocket design.)


colleen said…
Everyone loves an adventure....even donkeys :) Sounds like a marvelous weekend. I can't believe how fast Tyler has grown up.
The linen top is to die for, I love it!! xxx
Love your photo of the pottery mug and goodies in front of the fire!
jaz@octoberfarm said…
i would have loved that show. bad donkeys! the fire looks so comphy!
This N That said…
What a great life you have..such a variety of entertainment..The Donkeys just wanted to see if the grass is really greener on the other side..I'm sure they learned that it isn't..Glad you enjoyed the show..I love New York this time of year even though it can be bitter cold..Glad you all enjoyed the show..Cute top...Have a great week..
Leanna said…
Busy with fun all around. Bad donkeys. I love the embroidery on the pocket of that top. It's so cute.
Dee J. Hartman said…
What a wonderful weekend for you!