Weekend Fun

Lately it seems that weekends are non-stop activity.
This weekend certainly was.
We are enjoying a stretch of autumn-like weather...
perfect for outdoor activities.

Last week I talked about my bicycle...
and I have to say, every day I wake up and think about where I can ride
on that particular day.
Friday, we took our bikes about 30 minutes north of us to our favorite brewery,
located along a Rails to Trails.

We rode the 18 mile round trip and then had dinner out of the deck of the brewery.

Rails Trails are perfect for biking because they are relatively flat.
At about the half-way point, there is a little snack stand.

One of the farms along the trail makes homemade lemonade, homemade root beer,
(pre-packaged in canning jars)
and whoopee pies.
(Since we were going to eat dinner after our ride, we did not indulge...
it was tempting, however!)

Saturday morning, Hubbs headed out for an all day golf tournament,
so I went to Tyler's soccer game,
and then to a fairy festival with our Littles.

We saw a real, live Unicorn!!

There were lots of vendors and treats galore.

Unicorn cupcakes

for the Littles.

Amanda and one of her college roommates spent the weekend at the farm
while their husbands were off on a hiking trip.
Along with the girls came Kealy, 3,  

Rory, 2 months, and their dog, Linus.

Hubbs' golf tournament continued on Sunday
(and he played his best round ever... coming home with the teeniest, tiniest trophy 
I ever saw!)
Meanwhile, at the farm, we had a big farm breakfast...

which the Littles came for since their Daddy was also playing in the same golf tournament.
Scrambled homegrown eggs, local sausage, fresh fruit salad, and homemade donuts
(still warm!)

Decadent and Delicious!!

After breakfast, we visited with the horses.

Easton had his first "ride".

Hugs and kisses were given freely.

We spent some time picking tomatoes in the garden.
Mack discovered what happens when you bite into a large cherry tomato
without putting the whole thing in your mouth...

See all the yellow seeds squirting off to the right?
Great photo, Amanda!!

Sammy had a little tussle with the neighbor's dog
(part Rottweiller)
and came out the loser... with a nasty gash on his head.

He is now on antibiotics,
and is just a little contrite.
Hopefully he learned his lesson
(oh, and BTW.... he started this disagreement.)


This N That said…
What A busy weekend. I hope you found time to sleep! Congratulations to Hubs... have a great week xxoo
Rain said…
Awww poor Sammy...I hope he heals soon. The donuts looks SO SO SO good!!! Congrats on continuing your bike rides! Trails are so nice to bike on. We have one here it's really long, over 150 miles. I've biked quite a bit of it, but it's not very flat, goes through the mountains. Fun that you saw a unicorn!! ;)
jaz@octoberfarm said…
what a great weekend! i am going to make some pumpkin donuts as soon as i can find the time. we are in for a scorcher of a week and i am not happy!