There is nothing quite as heartwarming as the enthusiasm 
of a pig...
especially a pig who is happy to see you.

Yesterday afternoon, I was outside the pig yard.
The pigs were out in the pasture for their afternoon meal
(which is nothing more than a continuation of their morning meal and
a prelude to their evening meal!)

As soon as she heard me, MaryAnn came running from the pasture
into the pig yard and up the hill to say hello.

Don't you just love the smile on her face.

Apparently Ginger was at the furthest point of the front pasture
and was unaware of my presence,
so I decided to give my special, high-pitched pig call:
(repeated several times)

Ginger heard me and came running as fast as her little piggy feet could carry her...
the tassels on the sides of her jowls flopping up and down as she ran.

Truth be told, while MaryAnn is content to be petted and loved-up a little,
Ginger is merely looking for Ritz crackers.

Of course, she is not disappointed.

No one is around here.
We have terribly spoiled animals.

And we wouldn't have it any other way!!

After treats were given out, I headed for the chicken coops
to check on the hens and Elwood, the newly discovered rooster.
Elwood is still young and has yet to taken over his position
as "the boss."

He's not tried any "funny stuff" with any of the hens, that we have witnessed.
 With that silly crow of his, I don't think the older hens take him seriously at all.
And the younger hens are all so skittish, I doubt he could catch them.

Every batch of chicks that I order has at least one "surprise".
Always there is a surprise rooster (or seven),
and usually there is an exotic chicken like Isabella,

or Izzy.
Frizzy Izzy.

 Ever trip to the barn includes some kitty love.
Moll is always looking for a belly massage,
and does her very best to entice...

"Surely you want to rub my belly!"
How could anyone resist?

Meanwhile, a little sewing has been happening in my free time...
for someone out there who is partial to cows...

I know you're out there somewhere!

And small wristlets (5X8)... large enough for a phone, some money, and lipstick...
(the essentials when out on the town)

Lastly, I was asked how many of my stories I have shared so far on the blog.
I believe the ones that I have shared are Ollies Story, Moonbeam's Story,
and long ago, Oakley's Story.
Let me know if I've missed any.
I plan to share more from time to time.

We have a fun day ahead today... a visit from our Littles...
with lots of rides on the GoGo!!


Lynne said…
Delightful life for you and all your critters . . .
What fun amidst the work . . . and Rita cracker treats!
Love it . . .
Enjoy the littles and the “go go!”
littlemancat said…
Love those piggie girls! And the wristlets are so nice!
Enjoy the littles and lots of go go time.
I like those Profusion zinnias too and agree they make a great sub for mums.
Could you tell us Sammie's story? He is one of my favorites.
Anonymous said…
Just want you to know your blog is an important part of getting
my day started. Always enjoy it!
This N That said…
Sweet post... Nice pictures of all your fans...cute wristlets....love the “cow” purse...pretty....I hope you are having a good day...