Friday, July 19, 2019

Turkey Trot

Hubbs and I spent a good part of yesterday afternoon running some errands.
Because we were "running around"...
I thought this video was perfect for today.

I filmed this yesterday morning during chores.
It's amazing to me how much spunk this old turkey has,
considering the fact that he is over ten years old...
which in turkey years is like 95, I think!

Yesterday, Hubbs installed this heavy-duty, wall-to-wall,
ground-to-roof net in the middle of the chicken yard.
(Have I ever told you that he is my number-one problem solver and hero?)

This will keep the old and the new chickens separated and allow the newbies to be outside...
instead of being cooped up in a hot henhouse during this heatwave.
Last evening the young ladies ventured outside for the first time...

 and I can proudly say, they were back inside by curfew!

Oppressive heat and humidity are to continue through Monday.
We are all surviving...
but it is hard on the animals...
harder than winter for sure.

The past three days have given us 3 inches of rain.
Now it's time to dry out a bit!

The weekend is to be especially hot,
and then temperatures should dip back down in the 80's
with maybe less humidity next week.
We are keeping our fingers crossed.

Wherever you are... stay cool!
See you Monday!

PS... to Eileen in Fla...
the runner ducks do indeed have tiny little wings.
They use them when they run to help gather speed.
Occasionally those little wings will give them about a one-inch lift-off...
no help for flying, but definitely for getting from one place to another quickly
by webby-foot.
Your questions are always welcomed!!


daisy g said...

So glad they will get some outdoor time!

Love the border of rudebeckia and coneflowers. Just gorgeous!

littlemancat said...

I am in awe of that fast running Tom! What an amazing turkey he is! And yes, the weather is a bit over the top with heat and high dewpoints.
Glad the young chicks are able to be out and about - kudos to Jack!

Debra She Who Seeks said...

Go, geezer turkey, go! Fun little video!

Rain said...

Look at that turkey go! That was fun to watch!!!

This N That said...

Poor Tom..He's going to have a heart attack..Maybe the gator should slow down for him??Fun video..Stay cool this weekend...Great net..good job hubs!!! That will do the trick , for sure..Have a safe weekend...hugs

Anonymous said...

Wow....Tom Turkey can move right along!

Leslye said...

The video is so cute and funny.Shows you that you can still have spunk when you're a senior.Thanks for sharing all your videos.Happy weekend.

Shar43 said...

That was a true Turkey Trot!


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