Friday, May 17, 2019

Calling The Pigs Home

You are so right...
we are definitely surrounded by beautiful land here.
Of all the places I have been,
I have to say that the rolling hills of central Pennsylvania is surely my favorite.
And there is no time more beautiful than late spring.

Last night's golden-orange sunset made the woods look autumnal!

Yesterday was another stellar day, weather-wise.
We mowed and trimmed and hung laundry out to dry.
Amanda was working locally, so she came to stay at the farm for a couple days.
It was great to have help in the garden.

We did a little weeding and planting.

Weeks ago I promised to get a video to show you how fast our pigs can run.
Each evening we call them in from the front pasture for their dinner...

If you cannot see the video within this post,

And so, dear friend, it is Friday once again.
We are having guests today and tomorrow... a friend of Amanda's and
her two year old son are coming for a farm visit.
Then, on Saturday, I am heading to NYC with a friend to see a show.
Sunday will be a quiet day on the farm.
It's the perfect mix of everything, this weekend!
Hope your weekend is whatever you need it to be.


Karen Ann said...

hahahaha... OMG they GALLOP!

colleen said...

I thought you had the video in fast forward at first. I had no idea they could run that fast. It was another lol moment for me. And the cool down was priceless.
Maybe you will get a little knitting time on Sunday. Can't wait to see that sweater finished. See you Monday.

Unknown said...

WOW! pigs do run fast. Is Ginger cooling off or "washing up for dinner"? : )

littlemancat said...

Wow - I didn't know they could run so fast! And you're right about PA being so beautiful - I have a friend who moved years ago to another state and still misses PA.
Have fun this week-end. Enjoy your visitors and then the NYC show.

Anonymous said...

That girl is such a charmer! When I was a young girl, we raised some pigs but they were not charmers! My baby brother got in the pen with a giant sow who chased him around in circles. He had long, skinny legs & they going up and down nearly to his chest. It was hilarious to us at the time. This brother was always having stuff happen to him. My uncle's mule chased him through the pasture on his bicycle--Brother was yelling, "gee, Rhody, haw, Rhody" in hopes Rhody would turn. As an adult, he is still accident prone--if there's a hornet around, it will sting him, etc.

Anonymous said...

Thank you for making my day so much better. I love your sweet pigs.
Park City, UT

Anonymous said...

Loved the piggie video and had to watch it more than once!

jaz@octoberfarm said...

that is one fast moving piggy! sort of reminds me of willie.

Karen said...

Ginger is such a sweet soul and apparently a track star:) LOVED the whole video - the music was charming! Your blog is the first thing I read in the morning - it's the way I start my day. I would love to have all of your critters at my place - but we have a resident cougar that took my pet geese (Pete and Tillie) and I just can't take the chance. All part of living out in the country - but it can be heart breaking at times. Thanks for sharing your life with all of us . . .

This N That said...

Those first 2 pictures are wonderful..Love the piggy run..Enjoy your weekend..Sounds like fun and very diverse!! Have fun..xxoo

Katmom said...

Ok, #1,, I am green with envy,, your Peony's are blooming (mine aren't)
#2, who'da thought a piggy (Ginger) could run so fast...
#3.. I Luv it, you to Ginger,,, "Go see Daddy"..
Makes my heart smile with joy!
hugz to all at BHA...

Saimi said...

I gotta say, I LOVE your header with the caption, tales from the farm! Very clever, very clever indeed!! That little piggy certainly went wee, wee, wee all the way home! At our fair they bring in racing pigs and they are fast but then their reward is a trough of food - great motivation, I know it works for me!!
Have a great weekend!!

The JR said...

They had a segment on kune kune pigs on the new Saturday night. Is that what your girl's are?

Do you lock them up at night to keep the bear from hurting them?


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