Thursday, April 25, 2019

Thoughts For Today

I am in love.
From the moment the earliest pre-sunrise light opens my eyes,
til the last rays of sun disappear behind the hills to our west...
I am filled with wonder and gratitude for this life that I live in this place that I love.

Spring has this effect on me...
it intoxicates me.
My senses are filled with the sounds and smells and sights of the earth
waking up and bursting forth in celebration.

Though not as colorful as the sunrises of late winter or autumn,
the morning sun rises quickly and casts an electric glow over the land.

It's almost as if you can feel a vibration in everything green.
It energizes me and brings a smile to my face each and every morning.

The gentle morning breeze carries the sweet scent of fragrant blossoms 
as well as the sweet song of birds busily setting up housekeeping.

My world is at peace and everything is as it should be.
I take a deep breath, filling my lungs with fresh country air,
and exhale a sigh of contentment.

At times I ask myself why we don't live in a place that offers this beauty
all year long...
and then I realize that it's the lack of color, the lack of warmth, the lack of growth
that comes with the winter months,
that makes me appreciate this time of year.
And in the end, I get to fall in love all over again each Spring.
Nothing could be better than that!

My days are packed full of mowing and gardening, and
caring for the house and the land and the animals that inhabit both.
I am intentional about spending time just enjoying it all as well.
Sitting in the pasture with the peaceful scene of grazers around me
is the best entertainment I could imagine.

It's easy to get swept away with work at this time of year,
so I have learned to budget my time and plan my day in increments....
setting start and stop times for activities, so that I can attend to all that I choose.

Morning chores are finished by 7 AM, which gives me time in my sewing room to
work on projects, or working on cleaning or laundry, 
until such time as the air has warmed and the grass has dried.
By 10 AM, it's time to call the horses in from the pasture...
and time to work on outdoor projects.

Sometime mid-afternoon we gather eggs, check waterers, feed goats
and give the horses a snack.

It's usually sometime after this that we return to the house and finish indoor
projects and work on supper.

The last time out to the animals happens around 7 PM....
when we repeat the chores of the morning and tuck everyone into their places for the night.
Sometime between 9 and 11 we head to bed... exhausted from the day's activities,
but content and satisfied in a day well spent.

And right on schedule, the light filters through my window...
signaling my brain that it's time to get up and start it all again.
I stretch, breath deep and silently give thanks for the opportunity.
And once again I am filled with an overwhelming love....
for all that lies ahead of me in this gift of a day.


colleen said...

What a blessing to be able to make the best of EVERYDAY!! I can feel the peace and calm of your day just by reading your posts.... which in return gives me that peace and calm. Our snow is gone and green is popping up. It was a long winter and I'm not letting spring slip by without enjoying every second of it.
Time to let you know, again, thanks for starting my day on the right note :)

Debra She Who Seeks said...

Wonderful Spring!

littlemancat said...

I know what you mean about this season of intoxication - I feel it too. The sap rises once again. A deep feeling of gratitude.

billie said...

Love this - definitely mirrors my own experience in the spring, following the rhythms of the day which shift with each season. My difficulty is finding a balance, but your post reminds me that following the rhythm of the day can easily lead to balance on its own. Thanks!

Patsy from Illinois said...

God has given you a sacred space. Isn't it wonderful!

jaz@octoberfarm said...

i always make sure i am up before sunrise by quite a bit so i have time to appreciate the sunrise. i have dirty nails and couldn't be happier right now. i could plant from morning until night and never get tired of it. it would be wonderful to be surrounded by all of those animals!


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