Wednesday, April 10, 2019


Yesterday's beautiful sunrise peeled back the night so that a magnificent
day could emerge.

Seventy degrees, sunny, with storybook clouds crossing the sky on a warm breeze.

I sat on the swing beneath the still-dormant wisteria vines,
and watched the clouds float by,

while two lonely turkey boys gobbled a mournful tune.
We lost sweet Ethel (our female turkey) yesterday.
I had suspected that she was feeling unwell, as she never left her yard the previous day.
My suspicions proved correct, sadly.
I don't know that there was anything that we could have done for her.
Thankfully, she passed peacefully.

Ethel was never very friendly towards the male turkeys...
never once did she grant a conjugal visit, as far as we could tell;
but, rather, kept the boys in line and out of trouble.

This, my friends, is the down side to caring for so many furred and feathered friends.
Eventually, we must say goodbye to them.
Goodby Ethel... you'll be missed.

We cannot dwell on loss, though,
as there is so much to be thankful for...

and so much spring beauty emerging.

Everywhere you look there are little bits of color exploding.

The world is coming back to life... and quickly!

The guineas staged a sit-in to protest being locked out of the garden - their spa.

Seeds are planted and seedlings are breaking through the soil,

so, we cannot have these wacky birds destroying garden progress.
I've been spending a little time daily planting, weeding, and watering what will
soon become our food source for the next half of the year.
It's all so exciting and miraculous!
Once plants are grown and well established, the guineas will once again be allowed access.
It's here that they nest during the summer and lay their large clutches of eggs.

It's time for all to shed their winter coats...

and time for some to be shorn.

It seems like spring takes forever to arrive,
but once she's here, she certainly gets to work!


Louise Stopford said...

Sorry to hear of the loss of Ethel. I always thought she was a beautiful turkey and she can't have been that old as I remember when you got her. Although she may not have had a long life, her quality of life with your care was second to none. Always so sad to lose them. Can't believe you are basking in 70 degrees already after all that snow and ice, which just seems like yesterday. Yes Spring has arrived and she is very, very welcome.

colleen said...

As I watch the snow falling outside I look at your pics and think...there still is hope :) Sorry to hear about Ethel.

jaz@octoberfarm said...

poor ethel! will you get a new girl for the boys? i love the pic of sammie in the sun.

Marsha said...

so sorry for Ethel.

daisy g said...

Rest in peace, Ethel. You were well loved.

The JR said...

I'm sorry. It's sad when we lose any of the creatures in our care.

This N That said...

SO sorry about Ethel..Seems that the females aren't quite as hardy as the boys..Lovely spring pictures..Sammie looks the same no matter what the season..He's a sweetie.

Debra She Who Seeks said...

Poor old Ethel. But she certainly had a much better (and longer) life with you than the vast majority of turkeys enjoy.

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