Monday, April 22, 2019

Easter Fun

Goodness, this was the fullest weekend to encapsulate in one blog post.

Since our last blog visit,
we have had many guests here at the farm.
Most invited, some not.
Let's start with the "not-invited."

Thursday night we were awakened by the sound of something on our front porch.
It was a very large...

black bear!
It looked like the same bear that visited us several times last year.
I watched (just inches away from him) through our bathroom window as
Jack went to the door and knocked on the window...
which apparently scared him...
because, he threw himself over the banister and off of our front deck...
about a twelve foot drop.

About an hour later he was back.
He had moved the chest that we keep our birdseed in across the deck.
Hungry bears can be quite persistent.
Again, I watched just inches away from him through the bathroom window.
It was awesome and scary all at the same time.
Luckily Jack had set up one of the game cameras on the front deck,
so we were able to catch these photos.

Friday evening we met our (local) kids and grandkids for dinner
at one of our favorite restaurants.

The trip home from the city was crazy...
as severe storms swept through our area dumping heavy rains.
There were flash floods all over as we made our way home
through a torrential downpour.
Mud and water covered much of the road ways,
and streams turned brown with muddy run-off.

Saturday morning the sun came out

and our previously-predicted rainy weekend
turned into a beautiful sunny one!

Saturday morning I finished my cardigan sweater that I had started two weeks prior.
I am really happy with it.

It is knit out of merino wool and way too warm to wear this time of year.
It will be perfect when next winter's winds blow.

Amanda and Tim spent the weekend with us, and the rest of the family joined us on Sunday

for an Easter brunch and egg hunt for the littles

and a scavenger hunt for the "bigs" (Tyler and Dr. Becky's Jace and Taryn).

For some reason, the turkey boys decided to join in the Easter festivities

and ended up hanging out at the house for much of the day.

Normally we eat extremely healthily (mostly veggies with a small amount of lean meat),
but on holidays when everyone joins us, we go a little crazy!

I had done a little baking in preparation...
decorated Easter cookies...

carrot cupcakes...

Homemade, glazed yeast donuts (made fresh on Sunday morning and served warm)...

As well as two different quiches, broccoli salad, fruit salad,

and Cuban sliders.

No one went hungry!!

Last week, while picking up parts for our mowers at our local John Deere dealership,
we happened to find this pint-sized gator for our littles.

Needless to say, they had a blast driving it all over the farm!

We visited with the animals.

None of the kids have any fears with the animals,

which makes these visits quite fun.

We did chores.
And played outside in the beautiful spring weather...
enjoying the pirate ship...

It was a weekend packed full with family and outdoor fun...
just what we have been longing for
for so many months!


colleen said...

My husband said "can you imagine going out on the deck not knowing the bear was there". NOPE!!! Your cardigan is beautiful and with all you do I can't imagine getting it knit in two weeks. So much food and fun, you must of been busting at the seams!! Have a great week ahead.

jaz@octoberfarm said...

wow....what a weekend! going to your farm is like a trip to disneyland! there is so much to do! your food looks fantastic. how do you find the time to knit? i love the easter turkeys!

Debra She Who Seeks said...

The bear just wanted to be invited to your magnificent Easter feast!

Anonymous said...

those cookies are the cutest!!!! and those donuts!!!!

This N That said...

BHA is like an amusement park.... complete with animals, games, rides,,Yummy food and lots of love. Perfect!

Anonymous said...

Special food, lots of fun and family....that's perfect.

neha mumbai escorts said...
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