Tuesday, March 5, 2019

The Big Gender Reveal

Are you getting tired of beautiful winter wonderland photos?

Because... I kind of am tired of taking them!

While it's lovely to look at,

it gets tiring to trudge through after a while.

And it's been a long while...

a really long while, of snow after snow after snow.

Thank goodness, none of them have been deep... that's a blessing, for sure.
But still, it has gotten old.

The silver lining to any snowstorm, though, is the increased activity at the 
bird feeders.

I can tell what this little fellow is thinking as he eyes the feeders.

And jumps down on the platform for a snack.

It's amazing how adept these critters are at cracking open a sunflower seed
to snack on the tasty meat inside!
And this little fellow seems quite proud of himself.
He obviously is not a bit shy - or a bit modest!

The cardinals are so showy...

I have just recently learned what this little fellow is...
he always blended in with the goldfinches and I had not noticed the difference until
He is a tiny Pine Siskin.

You can see the obvious difference - here is the goldfinch...
turning yellow once again as spring and mating season approaches.
They fade to a khaki color in the winter.

Another little one with some yellow accents (around it's beak)...
The white throated sparrow...

It's great fun watching everyone stop by for a visit!

As the day progressed the sun came out and melting began.
Here is what happens with the solar panels when it snows...

And now the moment you may have been awaiting...
the big Gender Reveal!
Yes, the kittens had their neutering surgery yesterday in preparation for their return to freedom.
Sissy, Hissy, and Pissy are .....
(drum roll)


So, now we have three kitties recovering from hysterectomies.

Will it surprise you if I told you that just hours after returning to their stall (post-op),
Pissy decided to make another break for freedom?
There is no holding this girl back.

We returned her to her stall... but it is only a matter of time before she escapes again.
At least she can't get herself knocked-up!!


colleen said...

We have a metal roof and when the snow lets go it sounds like a freight train coming through. Three girls, I never would of guessed!! As you say they won't be getting into any.... predicaments now lol

BTW I forgot to mention how much I like your utensils "to go" that you carry in your purse.

Any sewing or knitting in progress now?

Marsha said...

I am too ready for winter to be over!!! But I do love feeding the wild birds!!

Debra She Who Seeks said...


daisy gurl said...

We are so ready for spring to come. We've not had the lovely snowfall, but only weeks and weeks of rain and cold. Not conducive to working outside.

Well, I guess we'll celebrate Women's History Month with three new girls on the planet!

I was wondering if you had to brush the snow off the panels in winter. I guess Mother Nature takes care of it for you!

Sunny skies to us all!

littlemancat said...

Three girl kitties! I was going with the two boys,one girl guess. Are you going to change their names - ;-)? No need, really.
And the birds - this is what I miss so much from my old house. We fed all through the winter, sunflower seeds only. And yes, the squirrels too. We had a bowl for them separate from the birds - it did help. The song of the white throat sparrow is beautiful, very sweet,almost melancholy. Listen for it.
Much to love in your post today but I've gone on too long, now.

jaz@octoberfarm said...

i guess spring is inevitable even though we didn't get nearly enough snow this year. we are going to be in the 60's on sunday!

Karen said...

NEVER get tired of snow pictures! LOVED the birds - and of course the 'girls'. Heck - I love any and all animals . . . .but your clan has such personalities:) **it's the Ritz crackers!

Missy George said...

I always thought the Pine Siskin were Finches in their winter garb..Hard to tell them apart in the wintertime..I guess the Finches are a little skinnier?? Hope the kitties recover well..in spite of themselves esp Pissy..

Karen Ann said...

LOL... did you actually name a girl kitty "Pissy"? no wonder she's heading for the hills :-)

Beverly Frankeny said...

If you met her....you'd understand. The name fits her perfectly!!


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