Thursday, January 10, 2019

We Love A Sunny Day!

This past year has taught us that a sunny day is not something to be 
taken for granted.

We've had our share of clouds of late.

So, when a sunny day comes along, it gives us cause to rejoice.
Don't be fooled by Sam's stoic face...
he's really happy to see the sun, too.
It's just that this is about as excited as Sammie gets.

There's nothing like the feel of warm sun on your back as the cold winter winds blow!

It's something to crow about.

We enjoyed every bit of yesterday's sun as it peeked in and out of the fast-moving clouds.

And as our solar panels get installed...

we are hoping for more sunny days ahead.

This is the last year for the present (30%) tax credit for the installation of solar power...
so we have gone ahead with the plan.
Any excess electricity that we produce will be credited towards our account...
so that on days when the sun doesn't shine... we work off of our credit.
You can see why we are hoping for more sunny days ahead.

Either way, it still feels like the right thing to do.

While we were in Africa, where the safari camps run on nothing but solar power,
we became accustomed to using these little solar lights in our tents at night.
They recharge in the sunlight during the day.

Ordering lights through this company helps to provide solar lighting
to families in Africa.
I love them and often use them to light the kitchen as I clean up 
and do dishes after supper.
They provide enough light to be a reading/study light and can last most of the night.

I've been sitting in the kittens' stall watching them play throughout the day.
They are having such, play, play.

It was definitely time to give them their freedom (relative... they still are confined to
the large stall in the barn until they are neutered/spayed)

A piece of hay becomes a toy...
(they do have play mice and a ball)

"Is this the way out?"

Not yet, little one.


Debra She Who Seeks said...

Kittens and cats always make their own toys out of whatever's at hand!

The JR said...

I love me some black cats and you have a whole clowder of them.

Cool lights. I wish we could go solar. But, we will have to wait a while longer. Need to take care of other things first.

Unknown said...

YAY! Sunshine. Last month we received our first "solar check" $4300! Our panels (24) were installed mid June 2017, meaning we had just missed the cutoff of the old rebate program. As far as we can tell (figure out) this rebate ck is for all of 2018. Our monthly electric bill ($11.03) is 'Basic Charge' + taxes. Last yr's income tax filing, we used a third ($2000) of our total credit, which we spread out over 3 yrs. It looks like the panels will pay for themselves, as predicted, in 4 yrs. We love our solar and would like to see a local community solar project, like the one in Ellensburg, WA, just north of us.
My guess is you will be "over the top" in love with your decision to install solar (right now it's probably a little nerve racking).

Missy George said...

Nice to have the sun but I could sure do without this wind..glad your panels are on the horizon..or on the roof..Kittens are like kids..the paper and the box is more fun than the gift.


great photos as always--always enjoy your site and posts--
love that photo of the kitten with the piece of straw --standing up so proud!!
Very cold and windy here today in NY state!!
luv, di


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