Wednesday, November 7, 2018


Brown Sammie is photogenic.
And cooperative.
Of all the dogs we have had, he seems to understand the value of posing for the camera.
And here he is: with his "innocent" look.

Then, a paw comes into the photo,
obviously trying to push Sammie aside.

"My turn!" says Chester.
"What paw?"

All three... such loves.

Annie is not much for posing, but since I asked,
she begrudgingly obliged.
(Note lack of smile.)

Finally, late yesterday afternoon, the rain stopped and the sun made a weak attempt at shining,
as it neared the horizon.

I let the horses out in the front pasture for a couple of hours.
As they trotted through the gate,
hooves went slipping and sliding on soggy ground.

What a bedraggled group of equines.
Especially this one:

He truly looks as though no one loves him.

As soon as everyone dries out,
a good grooming is in order.
To attempt it when they look this bad...
would be like putting lipstick on a pig.

You know, come to think of it...
MaryAnn might look quite nice with a little lipstick!

Yesterday morning I noticed this wooly fellow by the front of the barn.
By late afternoon, he had crawled the whole way back the aisle towards the feed room.
According to the Farmer's Almanac, the amount of black on wooly caterpillars
is a sign of how severe the winter weather will be.

Judging from this fellow,
winter might be very long!

In truth, I believe that this all-black caterpillar is just a different breed 
from the brown and black ones.
As for the coming winter...
we'll just have to see!

Jack was flying his drone this weekend, and took this photo of the farm
from 1000 feet.
This is the highest he has ever flown - and it gives a great bird's eye view.

Our house is top left corner.
Dr. Becky's house is at the bottom.
Top right is our barn area.
Note the colors of our woods... not so spectacular this year.


daisy gurl said...

What a stunning capture of the farm! Jack's getting good at that droning!

That stinker Chester. Your pups all look so, so sweet.

colleen said...

I would ask MaryAnn first, Just saying :) What a view, Jack.. TFS

Anonymous said...

What a beautiful little piece of Heaven. Some day, I would love to see a drone's view of the Four Seasons at Bee Haven. Rebecca2

Patsy from Illinois said...

Love your dogs. How did you get Sammie?

Anonymous said...

i was pretty excited to find a nearly-all-brown caterpillar about a month ago when i was cleaning up some downed leaves and garden detritus that had started collecting in the yard. whoo-hoo - mild winter sounds good to me. --suz in NE ohio

jaz@octoberfarm said...

from what i can tell this year, no one seems to know what to expect for us this winter. i, of course, am hoping for lots of snow!

Missy George said...

Sammy has always been very handsome. I have some very good pictures of him. That's quite a trio that you have there. Ollie looks pretty ragged.... MaryAnn and lipstick? I think not... Great drone work, Jack !
I think our colors here are better this year than they have been for sometime.

Lynne said...

Cute “threesome” pose . . .
I think Sammie like his solo pose best!


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