Monday, October 15, 2018

A Full Weekend, As Promised

We enjoyed our first official Autumn weekend...
with temperatures in the low 40's during the night and 50's during the day.
It was wonderful!
We've waited so long to finally get Autumn weather...
and so have the animals.

Everyone spent even the sunniest part of the day basking in the cool air.

It's the greenest October that I can remember... no leaves have begun to change yet...
with the exception of this one large shrub near the old log cabin.

Our weekend was chock-full, as planned.
Hubbs had a little foot surgery on Friday and that went well.
He is out of commission for a while... until he can comfortably put a shoe on.
He's using the time to catch up on his reading and his life-long education.

Saturday morning I spent the morning at Tyler's soccer game and then took him shopping
for books as promised.
He has become a voracious reader... and as long as he has a book,
he avoids "screen time".
So... we bought books! (Diary of a Wimpy Kid series books)

This boy is my sweetheart.  He plays soccer with so much heart and soul...
so different from the days of "crazy legs".

I spent Saturday afternoon working outside in the garden,
and cleaning the pastures... with lots of company.

While out in the pasture, I couldn't help but notice that Faith had sunk to an
all time low for laziness... munching on grass as she laid there in the sun.

The pigs and I had a little lovin' session in the pasture.

I always wonder what someone might think if they drove past and saw me 
smooching on my pigs.

Tim and Amanda stopped at the farm after going to the Penn State game,
and stayed the night.
It was perfect timing, because we were due for a hay delivery on Sunday morning...

and it was great to have extra hands on deck.

They stacked the hay in the barn,
as Mack and Easton's daddy, Andy loaded hay on the elevator
and sent it upstairs to them.

Meanwhile, Grammie was the babysitter.
(much easier than loading hay!)

It looks as though we have a couple Ritz cracker thieves in our midst!

Poor Sammy, all this work tires him out!

Sunday afternoon I made soft pretzels.
This time, after dipping them in the baking soda/water bath,

I took them out and baked them in the brick pizza oven...


My goal is to try making more and more things in the outdoor oven.

It was a super-fun weekend spent with all three of my favorite littles...
made even better with spectacular weather.

I won't mention the fact that we started off the weekend with this little lady
getting skunked!


jaz@octoberfarm said...

oh no skunk! i've been making a lot of pretzels here lately! tyler is so cute and getting so big. it was a glorious fall weekend here as well.

Debra She Who Seeks said...

Good to hear there are still kids in this world who love to read books!

daisy gurl said...

Go Tyler! That reading will pay off!

I had to laugh out loud at Faith. Maybe her wool is getting too heavy to lug around. Ha!

We are loving the change in temps here in NC. I wish I could live outside all day long.

So glad to have you back. I look forward to Monday partially because I know I will get to read about your weekend adventures. Your posts were dearly missed while you were away.

Anonymous said...

I so enjoy reading your post each day. The children are growing so fast. By the way, the fairy table and stools, surrounded by foliage just as you planned, reminds me of your miniature fairy gardens--so clever. What is that huge leafed plant over your granddaughter's head? It heightens the "fairy experience". LOL! Kathy from Phoenix

Patsy from Illinois said...

Oh Annie, you stinky girl.

Anonymous said...

So good to see a little reader! We've finally got cooler weather here in TN too. Those piggies are so cute--they deserve smooching.

Missy George said...

So glad autumn is finally here. Really enjoying this cooler weather. Hope pops is doing OK. I guess he's not going to be kicking anything with that foot anytime soon. So glad you had some help with the hay Tyler is maturing and becoming very handsome. Very cute picture of the Grans sitting on the hay stack. There are an awful lot of pictures of Sammy around just "resting".. The soft pretzels look yummy. I had a skunk in my garden at 4 o'clock in the morning and my window was open. Mollie was barking her head off. Fortunately there was no spray!!! xxoo

Missy George said...

Someday I will learn to proofread things before I send them. Pops should be Hubs. :)

Lynne said...

Oh my, those pretzels . . .
And baked in the outdoor pizza oven . . .
I wish I lived near!


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