Tuesday, September 4, 2018

Welcoming September With A Weekend of Fun

We had a perfectly perfect holiday weekend.
A weekend with no plans quickly morphed into one chock-full of fun.

The cool, autumn-like weather of the preceding week was quickly replaced
by the return of hot, humid summer days.

Just a quick note about vaccination day on Friday.
The pigs didn't were in rare form and caused quite a ruckus while getting their injections.
They did not make me proud at all!
Thankfully it was all over quickly.

And the sheep did not allow us to catch them.
We'll have to sneak up on them in the next few mornings in order to vaccinate them.

We spent our weekend with a good mix of farm chores and family fun.

Saturday was freedom day for the young hens that we raised from just-hatched chicks.
The door to the chicken yard was opened...

and within a few minutes, the first of the teenagers emerged.

Getting them back in that evening was a little challenging... but Hubbs succeeded.

I did a little cheese-making Saturday morning... queso blanco (queso fresca)...
(this cheese is super simple and quite tasty)

which we used on top of homemade carnitas tacos...

I also baked these Lime/Coconut cupcakes....delicious!

Hubbs and I had a "date" on Saturday evening and had an early dinner out and saw a movie.

Then Sunday, after farm chores, the phone rang.
We were surprised to hear Tyler on the other end asking us if we wanted to go to
a local wildlife park (Lake Tobias).
We spent the better part of Sunday there with him and his Mommy...
and we had a blast (and so did Tyler, I think!)

Monday we had a visit from the Littles...

They are all growing up way too quickly.
And so, because I have no ability to slow them down...
I will just try to enjoy each and every age along the way.
So far, each age has been the best age!

Sunday night, while walking the horses up to the upper pasture,
I was amazed by the drama that unfolded in the night sky.
As the sun's light was replaced by the dark of space,
the first "stars" emerged.
Those first bright objects in the night sky were not stars, however.
No, one by one, the planets Mars, Saturn, Jupiter and Venus showed themselves.
Uranus and Neptune were also visible in the line-up as well...but only with magnification.
It was an impressive show and reminded me of how vast our universe is...
something that I don't think about that often.

I realized, in that moment, that I am so engrossed by our own amazing world, 
that I don't think beyond it often enough.
The universe is a wondrous place... filled with mystery.
It just about blows my mind!
Sadly, I could not take a photo of the night sky to share with you.

We are lucky to live in a place where nighttime ambient light is minimal...
and star-gazing is wonderful.
We can often see the vastness of the Milky Way... and then we stop to wonder
what lies beyond.

Life itself is nothing short of miraculous.
Take a moment to ponder all that lies beyond our own lives...
and be filled with awe!


colleen said...

A Zedonk... I love it!!!!

Louise Stopford said...

What a fabulous place that wild life park looks. So many wonderful, interesting animals. Your video was absolutely superb - thank you.

Karen Ann said...

I just blogged about an iphone app that is amazing for star gazing - Skyview... do you have it? Check it out if not! So much fun identifying what's out there with it...

Beverly Frankeny said...

Jack has that app on his phone....that is how I knew which planets I was looking at. We use that App quite a lot!

Lynne said...

Amazing park . . .
I am sure Tyler will always love the animal world.
The littles as well . . .
No doubt about it . . .
Nature is grand.
I have heard about the Star Gazing app . . . I need to check it out!

littlemancat said...

The sky was amazing Sunday evening! How red Mars is! The true meaning of the over-used "awesome." The spirit soars.

Missy George said...

What planets have been more visible Over the last week. Thanks for taking me back to Lake Tobias. I enjoyed the video.Zedonk?? What will they come up with next? Enjoy your week. Trying to stay cool!


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