Wednesday, August 22, 2018

Rainy Days And Tuesdays

If I were keeping score of rainy vs. sunny days
for the past two months, 
the tally would be quite lopsided in the direction of rainy days.
Yesterday was yet another one.

I cannot let myself get discouraged, though, 
as my tomatoes rot on the vine, 
and giant weeds gain a stronghold on my garden.
Mother Nature has won... but I don't feel defeated.
I gave the garden my very best.
It has gifted us much nutrition in spite of the rain.
Let's face it... there's always next year!

Don't be fooled by how green and lush the garden is...
the weeds are quite green!

And although the tomatoes hate the rain, the flowers love it!

No, to lament a rainy day would be a waste of a perfectly good day...
something of which we only have a finite amount.
Instead, I choose to use the quiet hours indoors for some endeavors
that have been like butterflies flitting around my mind.

My normally fluffy sheep feel like wet sweaters,
and I wonder what wet wool feels like on their backs...

 and if it ever even reaches their skin, with all of the lanolin in their fleece.

Ginger and MaryAnn could care less about the rain and are just happy for cooler days.
The rain helps to rinse off the mud that cakes on their skin from their daily
(self-inflicted) "mud treatments."

The horses spent the night in the front pasture and are content to nap and snack
by the barn through the rainy hours.

The donkeys emerge between the showers,
then retreat to shelter to avoid getting wet.

As far as Daphne and Chloe are concerned, water only serves one purpose...
the occasional drink, and nothing else.
"Who needs a bath, anyways!"

As for the ducks... 
they are kind of like me...
quite happy to have another rainy day.

And so, I spend my hours in the kitchen...
making homemade probiotic yogurt...

pretzel rolls with ham and Swiss and good mustard...

and a batch of cottage cheese.

Did you know that cultured milk products, such as yogurt and cheese,
deliver more calcium to your bones than milk?
In an attempt to decrease the amount of plastic containers we buy,
(and the amount of microscopic particles of plastic we consume)
I am making an effort to make as much of our dairy products as possible.

Cottage cheese is my first step into the world of cheese making.


colleen said...

I think the "wooly sweaters" feels heavy on their backs.

The JR said...

What do you consider a good mustard? I love mustard and like it strong like they use to make. The stuff on the shelves now seems really tame compared to what it use to be.

Ya need to give us lessons on making our own yogurt and cottage cheese. I'd love to see how it's done. I tend to do better trying stuff after seeing how it's done.

I want to try making breads and things. I'm sure you made those pretzel rolls too.

Beverly Frankeny said...

I like a good, grainy mustard.... from an artisan company rather than one of the big names. Yes, I made my own pretzel dough....which is very easy to do. I can put the recipe on my blog if you like.

Debra She Who Seeks said...

Adventures in cheese making!

The JR said...

Sounds great. Next time you need some blog fodder as I call it and feel like doing it. Thank you.

Angie said...

You are amazing!
I didn't read yesterday's post until this morning. What type of threads do you use for your stitching? It looks lovely.
Yes, please post the recipe for your pretzel dough :)

Beverly Frankeny said...

Angie... I use DMC embroidery thread. I will post the pretzel recipe.

Karen said...

I truly admire your energy! Both you and your husband - you take such outstanding care of all of your critters. Plus your cooking, baking, knitting, etc. I'm rarely jealous - but I kinda am:)

Beverly Frankeny said...

Don’t be jealous at all, Karen. We live in an area where there is not much outside entertainment… So I find my entertainment at home trying new things. I was blessed with a high degree of energy. But at bedtime… I crash.

Missy George said...

Your cheese/milk adventures are coming along. The cottage she’s looks really good as do those pretzel rolls. I wish I had one for lunch. I love your embroidery projects sweet.. the poor sheep 🐑 Must be weighed down with all that wet wool... wet wool is not one of my favorite Smells.. glad the duck population has expanded.🦆 and all is well. 😘

Angie said...

Thank you so much :)

The Kelly's address: said...

I started milking my goats and have been making goat cheese lately. Yum! Tell me about your outfit. I remember you told me of a good “coverall” outfit for barn work but can’t remember.
Lori Kelly

Lynne said...

Loving all your green . . .
I can’t see weeds, just green!

Sure wish I was enjoying one of the rolls . . .
Look yummy!


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