Tuesday, August 7, 2018


I've got to admit, there were times on the beach as I would sit,
watching the tide ebb and flow....
that I thought to myself, "I could live like this."

There is something about the rhythmic sound of the waves as they
roll into the shore that touches something deep within me and makes me feel
as though I am home.
It's not that the beach feels like home right now, 
but rather home from a long, long time ago...
another time, another place.
Perhaps its because of all the hours spent by the sea as a child...
perhaps it was another lifetime.... who knows.

I caught myself thinking about how nice it was to wake up and have a whole day in front of me...
that I could call my own...
with no responsibilities.
No need to awaken with the sun... although I did.
No need to follow a schedule.

And then, I tried to imagine a life other than the one I lived,
and I felt a profound feeling of loss.
I tried to imagine a life without the responsibilities...
and I felt a loss of purpose.
(These are my feelings alone... with regards to my own life... no one else's...
after all, we all walk our own paths and each path is different.
It's supposed to be that way!)
Honestly, though, the thought of having to re-home all of our beloved animals
actually makes my heart sick.

It's hard to imagine any life other than the one that I am currently living.
Even with the heat of summer, the humidity, the bugs, the schedule,
the work, work, work.
Throw everything you can think of into a negative column, and the positive
side still outweighs it by a mile in my mind... and in my heart.

It was wonderful to reconnect with my furry friends this past weekend.

Although I am sure they did not miss me one bit...
with such loving caretakers replacing me...
I did feel like they recognized my return.

"Ah, I know her!"

It seems a lot of Ritz crackers were given out in our absence,
and the pigs let us know they were not happy about the lack of treats!

Guinea Momma #1 (who was sitting on 35 +/- eggs) has abandoned her nest.

Guinea Momma #2 remains committed to keeping her egglings warm.

Guinea Momma #3 (and sometimes #3 and #4 together on one nest)
is trying her hardest to cover her huge clutch of eggs...
although by the looks of it, two mammas might do a better job together!)

The ducks are getting more and more adventurous.

With another 2 ½ inches of rain while we were away, there are plenty of puddles around.
Even with two pools of fresh, clean water... they bypass them and head
straight for the muddy old puddle.

Puddle ducks!

The horses are back to their schedule of nightly pasture time.
They are looking quite good... no one is fat this year.

The donkeys are looking trimmer as well... and apparently they received lots of loving
while we were gone... which is good, because these two thrive on lots-o-lovin.

I think the turkeys actually missed us, as they came running down to the barn
first thing Sunday morning to fill us in on all of the farm happenings.

Returning home was not without a little excitement, as the horses all escaped
Saturday night when we took them to the upper pastures through a gate that had been left open
while we were gone.
There's nothing like a little wild pony round-up to welcome one home!
As I watched them gallop towards the hundred acre wood,
a rather loud "fudge" (only much worse) left my lips (several times).
I am sure the neighbors exclaimed, "Well..... she's home!"
Luckily, the horses all had their grazing muzzles on, so catching them was fairly easy.

Sadly, Ash passed on Saturday night.
I am glad she waited until we returned home...
as I got to say goodbye.

Our little herd of goats has diminished considerably this year...
with only nine remaining.

The garden exploded while we were away-

and much of the weekend was spent harvesting...


and processing.

The grass remains green and lush and constantly in need of mowing...

and the flowers are magnificent...

thanks to all of the rain we have received.

It looks like we are here to stay....
because, no matter where we roam...
there's no place like home!!


Louise Stopford said...

What a lovely post and you are right, there is no place like home.

colleen said...

No place like home for sure. Your flowers are beautiful. In my mind I made a big beautiful bouquet from them.

Karla Kuriger said...

Awww, so sad to hear of Ash's passing. So many heartbreaks - but that won't stop you from loving animals!
Question: your chopped veggies are SO evenly chopped! Do YOU do that? Or do you use something? I would love to know, as I am not an even chopper, I am a rough chopper, or use the food processor for more even finished product!! :)

jaz@octoberfarm said...

so sorry to hear about ash. i bet more than the turkeys missed you! we have had hardly any rain.

Missy George said...

Beautifully written and illustrated..The beach was definitely another lifetime for me, for sure...I really miss the smells, sitting at the waters edge..walking miles along the surfs edge with my dog....they were happier times and I remember them fondly..
Sorry about Ash..glad you got to say goodbye.
I can't believe that you only had 2 inches of rain..We had 12!!! Stay cool..

Laura Franken Sudderth said...

I really enjoyed your photos on Instagram! Looks like everyone had an awesome family vacation. If you get the DIY Network, watch Big Beach Builds. The locations are all around where you vacationed.

Karen Ann said...

We don't get away often because of the responsibilities here at the farm - and I've had those same conversations with myself. I've been tending a small horse farm for 30 years now. And I mucked stalls for other people for five years before that. I do often think I'd like to have less farm animal responsibility, and I have no intention of increasing any flocks or our little herd of horses or accumulating more dogs (4 at one time is plenty). BUt when I think of rehoming any of the crew I have now, I know it wouldn't feel right to do so. SO... until they die of a happy old age, I hope... they stay, as does my responsibility to care for them.

Dee J. Hartman said...

Life goes on!

Lynne said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Lynne said...

A YES for sure . . .
No place like home . . .

I too have moments of reflection of . . .being caught up in “used to be” . . .

But when I am away for a few hours . . .
Walk through the door to be greeted by “adorable miss nine pound fluff”
and she is flipped on her back for a tummy rub,
I wouldn’t trade my days, my life for anything . . .

Vacation days are always a welcomed treat . . . but “back home” gers the prize!

Love seeing your beautiful flowers and vegetable, fruit bounty!
I am sure the animals were fine while you were away but
I am sure without a doubt they knew when “mom and pop” were back home once again.

Debbie Nolan said...

Glad you had a lovely vacation at the beach. Caught up with your previous posts. Always fun to go away but yes there is no place like home. Like you I would not want to trade my life. Hope you have a delightful day.


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