Monday, July 16, 2018

Road Trip

The "worry list" has shrunk considerably.
By Friday morning, Red's stomach upset had passed and he was
eating and pooping normally.
Donnie's sore fetlock was recovered and he returned to the herd...
not without a fair amount of drama, however.

Scarlet proceeded to re-initiate him into the herd by kicking the snot out of him.
Luckily, he was once again able to run to escape her taunting.

The thing about Donnie is...
he would never kick her back...
he's too much of a gentleman.
He's a very peaceful, gentle horse.
His sister... not so much.

I was so relieved that everyone had returned to normal,
because this weekend was our annual sojourn to the Eastern Shore of the Chesapeake Bay...
to visit our friends.

And this year...


With Oakley's passing, taking the dogs away with us became a possibility.
You see, Oakley had a fear of the car and once arriving at the farm,
he never left.
He was happier that way.
Luckily, vet care is already here on the farm... thanks to Dr. Becky.

So, Friday we packed our three canine kids into the back seat of the truck and
drove 3 hours to the Bay for a perfectly wonderful get-away weekend.
All three of them travelled beautifully.

We learned that Chester likes to swim.
Motivated by a game of fetch, he leaped into the water and proceeded to swim
as if he had done it all of his life.

Sam took his first boat ride.
And Annie played lots of games of fetch... but not in the water.

Human activities included biking and boating and kayaking,
visiting a micro brewery 

(that was also an alpaca...

and goat farm)...

We visited a beautiful winery that looks over the north end of the Bay...

We played games, ate great food, and laughed ourselves silly.
While picking cucumbers from their garden, I stepped on a ground hornet's nest
and received about six or seven stings (one through my shorts onto my butt.)
(And let me tell you... they hurt like crazy!)

I had a rare chance encounter with three river otters yesterday morning,
while out for a solitary kayak trip.

(Sadly, my photos are not great, as I took my good camera, but forgot a memory card.)

In all the years that our friends have been at the Bay, they have only once seen an otter.
These three were very wary of me and snorted their displeasure with my presence.

It is amazing how much can be packed into one weekend.
And now I'll need the rest of the week to recover!
It was great fun... and a great get-away,
but it's always great to come home to my friends.


GeorgiaHoneyBee said...

Happy your horses are back to normal! Stings are the worst!!!

jaz@octoberfarm said...

omg...i would have been in the ER. i am so allergic to stings of any kind. even mosquitoes are bad for me. good news about the horses! glad you had a fun weekend. winnie hates the car!

daisy gurl said...

OMGosh, OTTERS! Did you know I have a small collection? That's what I'm coming back as in my next life. ;0D

Glad everyone is on the mend and that you were able to get away.

The best thing I've found for stings or ant bites is aloe vera straight from the plant.

Looks like a memorable weekend!

The JR said...

hahaha, I was waiting to see a pic of some cute alpacas and goats packed into the back seat with your doggies

we dab Clorox bleach on all stings. Dab it and again in a few minutes. Amazingly pulls out the sting and helps tremendously with swelling. But, you need to do it as soon as possible after getting stung.

Debra She Who Seeks said...

Sounds like a marvelous getaway for both humans and dogs!

Dee J. Hartman said...

I enjoyed kayaking yesterday, too, but I had to leave my little fur baby at home. It was just a few hour- activity and then home again! It was so hot, but at least there were no bee stings to report! ....I always enjoy the pics that go with your blog!

Missy George said...

I'm sure you all had a blast..You can all be a bit "nutsy"...Yes, always good to be home..Glad all is back to normal at BHA..Have a good week..

Patsy from Illinois said...

I have been a victim of ground wasps also. Hurts like, well you know what. Feels like you've been shot. I was lucky that I was not allergic. But they seemed to heal pretty quickly.

Lynne said...

Summer with friends and fun. . . a must.
The dogs along too . . , bet they loved it . . .
Rest up, more sunny, warm, fun summer days left . . .


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