Monday, February 5, 2018

A Super Weekend

It's hard to believe that only two days have passed since my last post.
What a busy weekend we had!
And what a difference there was between Saturday and Sunday.
(like night and day!)

After we finished afternoon chores,
we picked up Tyler on Friday... then picked up some "take-out" pizza
and went to visit our other "littles" Mackenzie and Easton.

It was great to get the three cousins together for an evening of fun.
Mack and her daddy made cookies for dessert (or "pessert" as she calls it.)
(The hair-do was all her own doing... she's a very independent 2-year-old!

And while Easton and I were smothering each other in baby kisses,

Tyler re-organized Mackenzie's playroom.
He's an amazingly thoughtful seven year old.

Saturday was a beautiful sunny day...

spent on the farm.

We took Donnie Brasco for a hike in the woods with the boys and the dogs.

We sometimes will take one of the horses along with us... 

giving them something new and different to do.

While Tyler was off having an adventure with his buddy Jace (Dr. Becky's stepson)...
the dogs and I spent an hour cleaning the front pasture.

Chester seems to be completely healed from his surgery.

He was a hard one to hold back from his high level of activity!

I had enough time, afterwards, to finish an apron for a friend...

We awoke Sunday morning to a beautiful snowstorm.
Hubbs parents had driven in from the north country to watch the Super Bowl with us,
and Amanda and Tim came from Philadelphia as well.

After a big family farm breakfast,
we spent the afternoon out in the snow.
We took the dogs for a snowy hike...

did some cross country skiing,
and some sledding on the big hill across the road.

Yup, that's me... zooming down the hill on my butt!
Oh, how I love to go sledding!

The snow continued throughout the day...
and as luck would have it, 
knocked out our satellite receiver during the first quarter of the game.

We survived... crowding around one of our cell phones to watch
an internet version of the game until the satellite came back on.

Thank goodness we have weekdays to rest up from busy weekends!


Colleen said...

Another fun filled weekend. The grands are growing up way too fast. I bet Chester is happy to be back in full swing.
The apron fabric is awesome!

jaz@octoberfarm said...

way to go eagles!!!! i am soooo glad they won! i, too, love sledding!! we are heading north tomorrow to catch a lake effect storm rolling through so we can enjoy at least one good snow storm before spring arrives.

daisy gurl said...

That sledding looks like loads of fun! I gotta try that again!

I never thought about taking a horse for a walk, but it seems like a great idea! A little one-on-one time.

So glad you had a wonderful family weekend.

Lynne said...

Sounds like my kind of weekend . . .
Busy Fun Snow!
(Could you please send me your skunk kit recipe?)

Missy George said...

Busy for sure but what a nice kind of busy..I remember those days..Our snow was followed by a couple of hours of rain so walking this AM was not fun..Streets were bare but covered in salt...the snow was covered in ice Hmmmm..yes, same thing again Wed/Thurs

Moggie said...

Sounds idyllic...

Shar43 said...

When we expected a heavy snow, Warren would grab my Pam/veggie spray and go out and spray the dish. Snow would slide right off. If he was on the road, I'd have to go out with a broom and sweep off as much as I could when tv stopped working.

I'll bet Donnie Brasco enjoyed the walk as much as the "boys" did!

Jiller said...

Great apron - LOVE that fabric, just perfect in the kitchen!


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