Friday, November 13, 2015

Even Turkeys Recognize True Beauty

Yesterday morning I found the turkeys outside their house
at the far end of their yard...
staring at the horizon.

I turned and faced the horizon myself...

"Well, no wonder, Tom and Chuck...
that is one magnificent sunrise!"

Sadly, it was short-lived and replaced by rain showers.
I continued on with morning chores, 3 dogs by my side...
feeding all of the animals, scooping manure, cleaning and re-filling water buckets.

As I was finishing up, I happened to notice that there were no longer any dogs with me.
"Annie, Oakley, Sam!"  I hollered (and believe it or not, I have the loudest human "holler"
that I have ever witnessed!) me Megaphone's my super power!

For all of the hollering and yodeling I did, though, no dogs appeared.
"Rats!"... it looked as though they took off on an adventure...
the call of the outdoors!

The long and short of it is...
Oakley came home mid-morning...
without his brother and sister.

After hours of worry, Bad Sam and Bad Annie arrived home...
Lord knows where they were or what they were up to,
but by the looks on their faces....

I assume they were up to no good!
Needless to say, the "good-girl" collar is back on Annie.
She apparently needs a refresher course on boundaries.
It's soon hunting season and no time for dogs to be scampering through the woods!

Now that we have entered that time of year when the garden is winterized
 and the farm is looking a little drab,
I thought I might try growing some indoor veggies.

(If you are wondering what is on the shelves of the greenhouse...
it is a rag-tag collection of birds nests, a turtle shell, and an opossum skeleton.)

I've filled some of my galvanized tubs with soil and planted
lettuce, kale, radishes, and sugar peas
(all plants that are cold-tolerant).
Look what's beginning to emerge!

I'd like to be able to supplement our meals 
with some home-grown greens during the coming months.
I'll keep you posted on our progress.


Dawn McHugh said...

I have had it with Sol sometimes I turn round and he has vanished, usually find him having a swim in next doors pond, although if I strt the quad he usually comes running, I wonder what they were up to if only they could talk :-)

jaz@octoberfarm said...

bad dogs! i just love the look on their faces!

Missy George said...

They knew they were bad doggies. Anything will grow for you! Have a fun weekend.

NanaDiana said...

Love that you have space to grow like that in the winter months. I am grinning looking at those uh-oh faces on your BAD DOGS! lol You can tell so much by their demeanor, can't you?
Have a great Friday, megaphone woman! xo Diana

Debra She Who Seeks said...

Clearly, turkeys appreciate a beautiful sunrise when they see one!

NotThatKindOfFarmer said...

Very nice article. I really like the pictures.
Thanks for sharing them.

Diane C said...

In this terrible night of news in the world, seeing your picture of the new green shoots coming through the earth, somehow brought me a little peace. Thank you for that.

daisy g said...

Oh my, those pooches really look miserable. I'll bet they had a blast. If only they could talk!

How exciting! An indoor winter garden! Sprouts are another good winter green. Pea sprouts, kale sprouts, broccoli sprouts...Looking forward to seeing your winter garden grow. ;0D


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