Thursday, December 3, 2015

Cabin Intruders....These Guys Are Nuts!

The gloomy, damp weather continued through yesterday and into this morning.
Needless to say, the farm is quite muddy.

I had a lot of time to knit yesterday, as Hubbs had shoulder surgery.
I spent the day away from the farm
and finished this....

I started its mate last night.

While leaving the farm and driving out of the driveway the other day,
I happened to notice a grey squirrel making his way up the side of the old log cabin...
in a vertical climb.
Intrigued, I stopped to watch.

Higher and higher he went...until he disappeared under the eaves of the roof.

This all happened before I could get my camera out and focussed.
However, I have recreated the scene for you...

Upon closer inspection I found this....

perfect access to the attic of the log cabin.
That explains the abundance of walnut shells that we constantly find in the cabin.
For years I have wondered how the squirrels found their way inside.
Now, I know.... first hand!

These creatures are quite resourceful!
I might add, too, that our squirrels here on the farm are quite plump!


  1. That's hilarious! Not that he found his way in, but your recreation. So clever.
    Hope Hubbs has a quick recovery!

  2. Squirrel entry . . . Busted!
    Hope the healing goes well for Mister Beehaven . . .

  3. those squirrels find their way into everything!

  4. Nice photoshopping -- looks very realistic, LOL!

  5. cute, happy and healthy squirrels!

  6. How your re-creation! Hope your "Hubbs" mends quickly. Lovely knitting by the way :)

  7. It is surprising the places they will get into lol cheeky buggers ! Yes our squirrels here are also well fed lol ! Cute re creation of the squirrel lol ! Hope your hubs has speedy recovery . Thanks for sharing , Have a good day !

  8. PS. Love the graphics! I don't know how to do that .....maybe you could teach me sometime?


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