Monday, May 12, 2014

Family...My Favorite Thing

Spring is bustin' out all over!!!

The farm is alive with birdsong once again, as all of our feathered friends
have returned.
Daily we hear the songs of the Baltimore Orioles, bluebirds, swallows, woodpeckers,
to name just a very few of so so many....

all of them busy keeping house and making families.

The bunny nest in the garden remains intact and the babies it holds are growing each day.

It's hard to see...but there is a little head with ears popping out of the nest.
I had worried that their Mama had abandoned them, as she is never around.
However, Dr. Becky reassured me...
did you know that Mama bunnies only feed their babies once a day?
The rest of the time they spend in the nest without her.
Fairly soon, I suspect, these little charges will be out on their own.

How was your Mother's Day?
Mine was super!  We had four generations in the pavilion 

for a make-your-own pizza party.

It was the best kind of day...

spending time with family....
and of course... Tyler!

Tyler and Muppy (Hubb's name courtesy of Tyler) played ball with the dogs.

It was a great day for Annie...getting a little more socialization.

Sam and Oakley have taken to Annie quite wonderfully now...
she's most definitely part of the family!

Garden planting is almost completed.
I will give you a tour later this week.

I'm not quite sure how this happened, but I ended up with over 30 eggplant plants...
started from seed.
I tried a couple of new varieties this year.  Hopefully, they do well so I can show you
these unusual veggies!
I see lots of ratatouille in my future!
If you'd like, I could definitely share some eggplant with you!!


  1. Beautiful day for a visit with four generations . . .
    Happy Mother's Day, a bit past . . .

  2. Tyler is looking so grown up! I bet he loved the baby bunnies! And it is great that the dogs are all getting on well together. Everything looks beautiful on the farm!


  3. what a wonderful weekend! i just love seeing how annie fits in and is right at home! i just planted my troughs this morning and will post them soon!

  4. Just let me know when the ratatouille is ready and I'll be right over! LOL! It looks like a great mother's day. I have a wonderful day with family also. Yes, the best kind when all the family is around!! Hugs!

  5. So glad you had a wonderful Mother's Day! I love that flower arrangement you did on the ladder....too cute.

  6. Egg plant seems to be a favorite give away :)..Looks like a great way to spend Mothers day..Everything looks wonderful

  7. Such beautiful photo's. So glad it was a great day for all. :)


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