Friday, July 30, 2010

Au Revoir Bluettes!

It was with a bit of sadness
that I picked the last of the blueberries yesterday.
I know, these look enormous,
but it is just the camera angle.

Well, we have enjoyed blueberry crisp,
blueberry salsa,
fresh blueberries on ice cream;
and the pantry is full of blueberry/lime jam.

Until next year, good bye blueberries!

Our blackberries are in season now.
And they ARE enormous....
and sweet and juicy and delicious.

I combined our blackberries and wild ones picked by the woods,
and made blackberry jam for the coming winter.
Oh, if only they were seedless!

And one last picture....
I am sure this one will make you chuckle.

Have a beary wonderful weekend!


  1. Yummy blueberries and blackberries. The sweetest picture though is of little Tyler and his bear friends.

  2. and you as is to be a beautiful one

  3. I've already had my first wild blackberry pie and of course with ice cream, yum. I agree with you I wish blueberries would last forever. One of the greatest little treats! Tyler is beary, beary cute!!!

  4. Those are the largest blackberries I have ever seen! WOW!
    Hope your day is sweet & sunny...

  5. Tyler is just the cutest!! He has thed biggest eyes!! Have a good weekend.

  6. Your blackberries are huge! What do you feed them? Or perhaps it's just that they like where you have planted them? Anyway, enjoy a lovely harvest - hope they are all sweet!


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