Tuesday, June 16, 2009

The Fruits of Our Labor

This week marks the official entrance of Summer. After weeks of rain, we are finally in the midst of a warm, dry spell. We have more strawberries than we can possibly use. Finally, our fruit trees and vines will have a warm sun to help them ripen. If all goes well, we should have a great harvest by late summer....nectarinesblueberriescherries (not quite enough for a pie)apples blackberries
raspberries gooseberries pears (not the prettiest) tons of tiny grapes (harvest is quite a ways off)

Growing such a variety of fruit makes for lots of work...but it is worth the work, to be able to pick our own organically grown fruit. Organically grown fruit is quite a challenge...so many diseases and pests that fruit can succomb to. Sometimes I think luck plays a big part in the harvest....not to mention weather conditions!


  1. looks like you'll be very busy harvesting, canning,baking, etc..things look good..cute little mousie..they have to live too

  2. oh I am so envious! my goosberry bush only has 1 berry & the other one none! oh well, maybe next year! lol!


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