Our Weekend Adventure

 We enjoyed a very full weekend, celebrating our Anniversary with friends at the Chesapeake Bay.  We have an annual summer sojourn to the bay to stay with friends.  For three days we left the farm in very capable hands and escaped to the land of " not having to get out of bed on time!"  Naturally, we awoke at our normal early hours - it's a hard habit to break!!

There is a certain kind of peace that is found on a large body of water.  I can't explain it, but I know you understand what I mean.  The weekend was rejuvenating with time spent chatting with friends overlooking this most peaceful scene.

We left our dogs at home with "The Girls" - who spoil them rotten - and spent the weekend with our friends' labs. 

 Appropriately named, their Chesapeake house is called "Labs and Crabs".

We logged 48 miles of bike riding miles this weekend, with the final ride ending up at a farm. market with a wonderful ice cream stand.  Of course we all had a treat!!

We are very lucky to have such a great group of close friends.  Together we have travelled to amazing places... but our best times have been the hours spent just enjoying each others' company.

There is nothing better than knowing that the farm is in great hands while we are away, however.

While we were gone, the farm animals had lots of great care and loving, thanks to our neighbor and substitute caretaker, Anna... not to mention lots of visits from the girls, Maggie and Macy, who, along with their Mom stay at the house to keep the dogs company.  

We are so lucky to have such a loving "farm family"!!

Last week I mentioned how similar Pete (the new barn kitty that suddenly appeared on the farm two weeks ago) is to Griz, our barn kitty that passed away two weeks before Pete's arrival.  The similarity in personality is uncanny.  This weekend, just as Griz had done so many times before, Pete perched himself in Maggie's hood and decided to stay there.

You may think me crazy, but I would swear that Griz has had a hand in this whole new chapter of our story!  The world is a weird and wonderful place that's full of all sorts of magic!

I am happy to report that Pete is quickly putting weight on, and looks to be a very healthy kitty.  He should have a long and happy life here on the farm!!


jaz@octoberfarm said…
labs and crabs...perfect! i agree, griz is behind the whole pete thing. his paws are all over it.
Anonymous said…
Looks like it was a great weekend for you guys!
Karla said…
Maybe Griz just wasn't ready to leave the farm, and found his way back via Pete. I don't know about this world, or reincarnation, be it animals or people. However, there are times that I think the Universe likes to hold the curtain back for a little peek now and then.
Jeannie said…
I love the picture of Pete in Maggie's hood! I agree that you (and the animals) are lucky to have such great caretakers at the farm while you are away for a much-deserved break.
Patty said…
What a fun weekend! Getting away does recharge batteries.
Pete looks adorable catching a ride in her hoodie!
This N That said…
Love the name "Labs and Crabs"....I assume that the crabs are the ones with shells??? It's nice that you can get away to be with friends and "recharge"...There's nothing like water or a roaring fire to hold my attention.
Pete seems like a great cat..happy that you found each other.
Wonderful that you can be assured that all is well at BHA while you are gone..Welcome home..xxoo
Lynne said…
Great word, uncanny . . .
(Gris seems to be in the mix with Pete!)

Looks and sounds like a perfect anniversary weekend.
All the best for many more weekends like this! ❤️