It seems like just yesterday it was March and
I was arriving back home from my driving adventure to Colorado.
Life, back then, was still normal-ish (but not for long!)

Here we are... knee deep in October and everything autumn,
and for the life of me... I am not sure how we arrived here
at such lightening speed.

I would have thought that this convoluted year of 2020 with 
all of its trials and tribulations would have passed painfully slow...
but- not the case!

I cannot say that I am sad to see October.
It sits at the top of my seasonal rankings.
I love the dark, cold, quiet mornings...

the clouds...

and the sights and sounds of Mother Earth as she sheds her
summer finery and slips into a cozy, restful time.

We bid adieu to the last of Summer's blossoms,

as insects complete their seasonal life-cycles.

The world once again morphs into a uniquely different phase
and we are blessed to witness the change.
Each autumn, the purple Beauty Berry bush heralds the start of October...
and it's always a welcomed sight!

Much might go un-noticed unless one keeps a watchful eye.
Unexpected visitors can be found in the most common places...
and easily missed if not careful!

Stick bugs fascinate me with their perfect camouflage.

The garden may be finished for the year,
but the greenhouse is full of young kale plants.
I am going to try to keep greens growing all through the winter this year.
I'll let you know how it goes!

For weeks I have wanted to show you just how beautiful Elwood,
our rooster (gentleman extraordinaire!) is in his feathered finery.
He is a lovely combination of reds and greens and blues...

but, if you look even more closely,
you will see that each of his feathers is variegated as well.
Isn't that just amazing?

For those of you who asked about baby Eli's personalized swaddle...
they can be bought on Etsy at this shop.
(in case you are in need of a baby gift!)

I had a chance to snuggle this little peanut for a little yesterday morning,
as I had to run to town and drop of some clothing that were missed
in packing up his brother and sister to come home.
(Maybe I subconsciously missed those jackets on purpose?)
Either way... is was wonderful to hold this little bundle of sweetness again!

Also... I am going to spend today making more masks.  
I have more autumnal fabric to use as well as some winter and Christmas designs
to start.
As for knitting... I just finished this warm wool cowl...
knitted from soft, chunky, khaki, 100% merino wool.


Jeannie said…
Thanks for sharing the picture of your fine rooster---what gorgeous feathers!
littlemancat said…
Elwood is amazing - just beautiful. And love that you're trying cool weather veggies in the greenhouse.
The stick bug - how wonder-full! I don't think I've ever seen one.
Lynne said…
Loved your moving into OCTOBER post.
I am loving this time of the year .. .
Amazing indeed . . . those feathers . . . HANDSOME,
Love the cowl, I have some perfect yarn, do you share the pattern?
This N That said…
I haven't seen a stick bug for ages..
Elwood looks like a painting..He's truly gorgeous..
Enjoy these beautiful days...hugs
I have always thought that your Elwood is one gorgeous bird. thank you for showing us again!
And isn't that little Eli a doll. Lucky you!