Visits With Friends

I spent yesterday morning off the farm...

headed down to the city to have a hair appointment
(my stylist has her own shop and works alone...
(so I was the only client there)
and then stopping at a couple of my favorite fabric stores.
I perused the racks of fabrics like a lush in a liquor store...
so excited for my next fix.
I came away with lots of wonderful fabric combinations
for another couple of weeks worth of aprons
(and some more yardage of my more popular apron fabrics...
for those who missed the first ones.)

By the time I returned home to the farm,
all I wanted to do was sit and visit with my friends.

Hubbs and I took the ducklings out for some fresh air.
(The little door from their house is open to their yard; however,
they don't go outside on their own.)

They are a bit uncoordinated, stepping on their own
and each other's webby toes and tripping.
They are starting to grow tail feathers...
and check out these tiny wings!

I put a dish of water in for them...
which they promptly turned into a foot bath.

After the ducklings were safely tucked back into their house,
I headed for the barn and the garden...
picking sweet peppers for making stuffed peppers for dinner,

and then visiting with the donkeys.

We had a love fest...

until, an interloper wandered over from the barn to break up the hugs.

Red is extremely affectionate and loves to bury his head in my lap....
standing perfectly still while I scratch and rub him.

I swear he would have stayed right there with me for hours...
as long as I kept scratching.

A couple of times he offered to reciprocate,
but I turned him down.
I have seen my horses mutual grooming
and it involves a little bit of biting....
scratching with one's teeth.
No thank you!

You might notice, someone was having a bad hair day!

In fairness, however... here is what he really looks like...
he is as handsome as he is sweet!

This week I added a little something to Maven Haven.

a five-foot tall Zinnia!
I have wanted to have a drying rack of some sorts in there 
for blossoms picked from my gardens.

I looked through some of my antique decor and found an old
antique window grill.
Hubbs hung it in the back of the shed,

and I added some of the drying blossoms from this year's garden.


I am being intentional about enjoying the last of summer's blossoms.

If you are interested in flowers that dry beautifully...
globe amaranth (gomphrena) are the best in my opinion.
They feel like a straw flower when they bloom...and basically only need
to have their stems dried out.
They retain their color beautifully for years... especially if kept out of 
direct sunlight.
And... they come in many beautiful colors.

Soon we will say goodbye to summer's visitors...

Mother Natures's flying flowers!

It's Friday... if you can believe it!
We have a quiet weekend at home planned...
unless, of course, a new baby makes its way into the world
One of these days.... very soon!!

PS... there was some confusion about yesterday's chicken picture.
Only one of them is a rooster.... the rest are hens.
And yes, you are rooster is the perfect amount.
Any more than that ends up in mayhem...from personal experience.


colleen said…
And I thought I liked runner ducks before!!!
Love the new drying rack. Will be fun to see how you use all the dried flowers.
One thing for sure you can't go wrong buying fabric :) .
See you Monday... hopefully you will have news of a new baby.
Marsha said…
I love all your flowers!
Lynne said…
Love your posts . . .
Five Foot Zinnia
Scratches and Cuddles
Bad Hair Day
New Cut Color
Drying Rack
Waiting for new baby . . .
Looking forward to your daily apron entry . . .
I shared two of your masks with friends . . .
(I may have to order more!)
This N That said…
Maybe the Duckies need a little pool...Great butterfly shot..I haven't been able to get one this year..Cute pic of you with the donkeys..Great drying rack..looks good! Have beautiful weekend..hugs